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FPS Online programs give you on-demand access to substantive government contracting training. Our extensive library covers everything from foundational education to intensive training for the experienced contracting professional. These courses are presented by leading experts in the industry, so you get the same quality training you expect from classroom seminars. Learn about crucial issues on your own time, and stay up-to-date between classroom seminars. Online courses also help you and your organization save on travel costs and lost productivity.

On-Demand Webinar Library
We have over 100 webinars that are available, and are listed below by topic area. Each on-demand webinar can be purchased for $100.  Consider an FPSOnline subscription for only $595 per person per year. Only $295 with the purchase of a classroom course.

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Subcontract Compliance for Non-Procurement Professionals
One of the biggest myths in the subcontract compliance world is that the Acquisition professionals control subcontract compliance. Reality is that many of the compliance-related decisions are made early in the process by non-procurement professionals such as Business Developers, Engineers, Senior Management, etc. The purpose of this webinar is to provide these functions with an overview of the laws, government policies, and regulations that apply to subcontracts.
How to Prepare Today for Your Next CPSR
The object of this session is to discuss immediate practical steps that your firm can take to improve your opportunity to obtain an approved purchasing system. Even though most firms will not pass their initial CPSR, proactive corrective actions taken prior to the review will reduce the amount of post-review activities. During this webinar, J.A. White & Associates Inc. provides practical steps that your firm can leverage today.
The Fiscal Law of Contracting and the Anti-Deficiency Act
Join us for this 90-minute presentation as Kenneth Allen discusses how fiscal law impacts government contractors and contracting personnel.
Understanding the FAR
This Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) audio program provides a concise overview of the key concepts and policies of each of the FAR Parts, along with examples of how these concepts and policies operate in practice.
Mergers & Acquisitions: A Focus on Intellectual Property Rights
This webinar will provide a high level overview of intellectual property rights under U.S. Government contracts; describe what a buyer needs to look for when conducting intellectual property due diligence of a U.S. Government contractor; and provide strategies for companies to protect IP assets.
Demystifying the CPSR: Podcast
Join our presenters as they "Demystify the CPSR" with an informative discussion with answers to questions like: "Can you describe the government's evaluation of a purchasing system?" and, "We hear about FAR Part 44 as the go-to-regulation. Are there other regulations of value to this process?"
Small Business Government Subcontracting
This webinar, presented to you by J.A. White & Associates, Inc., is a comprehensive overview of the laws, government policies, and regulations that apply to subcontracts and subcontract management. The program will begin with an overview of the CPSR process and it will address all of the recent changes that have occurred in procurement.
Contract Interpretation (2015)
This webcast explains the processes and principles that apply to the interpretation of federal government procurement contracts. These are matters that are not set out in any laws or regulations (including the FAR), but which are essential information for all personnel engaged in federal acquisition - not just lawyers.
CPSR - Current Issues and Hot Topics - Sep 30 2015
98% of firms will not pass their initial CPSR which could result in losing the competitive marketing advantage and cash flow impact. This webinar provides a real time and comprehensive overview of key elements auditors look for in a CPSR. Join us for this webcast as Jeffery White of JA White and Associates discusses the latest and greatest issues related to Contractors Purchasing System Reviews.
When TINA and False Claims Collide - Lessons from the UTC Cases
Over 30 years ago UTC (formerly Pratt & Whitney) was in a hotly contested competition for a big engine contract - the "Great Engine War". Although it won a defective pricing case relating to its engine proposal, UTC found itself on the receiving end of a False Claims allegation, and on the debit side of a $657MM damages award for the same conduct. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in United States v. United Technologies Corporation overturned the lower court's award this spring. What happened and what one can learn is important to all.
Displaying 1 - 10 of 116
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