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Before purchasing a company, a buyer performs due diligence in various areas of the company to determine the accuracy or completeness of statements of the persons involved in a business transaction. The goals of due diligence are to ensure that the acquisition make sound business sense, determine which assets and liabilities will be acquired at closing, and identify the risks and prospects of the business after closing. In the absence of effective due diligence, neither party to a commercial transaction will be able to make an informed investment decision. 

If you are acquiring a company and an important part of that company is its intellectual property assets, then it is important to do your due diligence to understand their ownership rights. This is especially important when the company being acquired is a U.S. Government contractor. Special laws and regulations including the Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) and the Department of Defense FAR Supplement (“DFARS”) that are included in the particular Government contracts governing the company’s and the Government’s rights in intellectual property. The rules are different for patents, technical data and computer software, and commercial and non-commercial computer software. Protecting intellectual property rights in the appropriate manner can play a key part in the outcome of a merger and acquisition transaction. 

This webinar will: 

--  provide a high level overview of intellectual property rights under U.S. Government contracts 
--  describe what a buyer needs to look for when conducting intellectual property due diligence of a U.S. Government contractor 
--  provide strategies for a company
     (1) to protect its intellectual property assets when it is contracting for the U.S. Government to ensure such assets are protected before an acquisition occurs, and
     (2) to potentially minimize the effects of any missteps that a company may have taken during a contract that diluted its intellectual property

Who should attend?

--  Chief Executive Officers
--  Chief Financial Officers and Controllers
--  In-house Legal Counsel, Directors and Managers of Contracts Administration
--  Any Other Key Staff who may participate in the M&A due diligence process

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