Live Webinars
Dec 18, 2018
1-2 PM EST
CAS 420
Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
December 18, 1:00-2:30 p.m. EDT - Our presenter is Ryan Koenitzer of RKI. This webinar will cover CAS 420 which includes the following subjects of: accounting for independent research and development costs and bid and proposal costs (420). This webinar also includes a recap of the series. Series Description: This multi-part webinar series focuses on the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), their applicability, and compliance requirements for U.S. Government contractors. CAS is one of the most complex, and punitive, laws for contractors to contend with, whether it be for new or established contractors of the U.S. Government. Once a contractor pursues, or is awarded, a CAS covered contract, their profile, regulatory requirements, and audit interest, are immediately pronounced. Simply understanding it's applicability to your U.S. Government contract universe can be an exercise in mixed interpretation. This series breaks CAS down to its fundamental requirements in simple, relatable terms to assist contractors in understanding applicable requirements, but also practical strategies for compliance, delivered by instructors who have dedicated their careers to CAS, and related U.S. Government regulatory requirements. Each webinar will provide the genesis of the standard, illustrating its purpose and move into specific compliance requirements of the respective Standard(s) covered. Instructors will share examples of common "pitfalls"" and highlight areas of risk contractors should be aware of in compliance with the respective Standard(s). The webinars have purposefully been grouped in a manner that will aid in understanding the inter-relationship of some Standards to others. Who should attend these sessions? We recommend this course for anyone that is interested in an introduction or refresher to CAS, or looking for practical insights from consulting and legal practitioners that work with CAS routinely.