The First 100 Days of the Trump Administration will be a time of change for government contractors, and Federal Publications Seminars is paying close attention to bring the latest information to our online program viewers and FPSOnline subscribers.

President-Elect Trump’s 'Contract with the American Voter' suggests that some of his first actions upon taking office might include repealing many (if not all) of the Obama Administration’s Executive Orders impacting government contractors. Other campaign commitments include increasing defense spending, adjusting the United States’ international posture in a manner that may impact security norms and overseas engagements, ending the “Sequester” budget, investing heavily in infrastructure, reducing energy dependence, increasing manufacturing jobs, and investing in American Veterans. Each of these items impacts broad swaths of the contractor community, from those focused on defense, services, infrastructure, and health care, among others. Post-election communications from the President-Elect have also shined a spotlight on major acquisition programs, as well as post-government employment restrictions, ethics and compliance matters.  
So what does this all mean for contractors?  
In this webinar, Crowell & Moring, LLP partners Rob Burton, Lorraine Campos, Adelicia Cliffe, Stephen McBrady, and David Robbins will discuss the post-Inauguration state of play for government contracts, review ongoing changes, and look over the horizon to assess risks and opportunities for government contractors as the Trump Administration assumes power. They will also discuss the changing customer and public engagement dynamics in an era where the Commander in Chief communicates by Twitter, and the unique pressures facing Senior Procurement Executives in the Trump Administration and the challenges and opportunities for contractors that may result.