On June 9, the Professional Services Council (PSC) released its 2016 Acquisition Policy Survey. This biennial survey, conducted jointly by PSC and member firm Grant Thornton Public Sector since 2002, is the only report of its kind, capturing opinions and insights on the current and future state of federal acquisition from interviews with 80 senior federal acquisition executives.  

This webinar roundtable will discuss key findings in six core areas: 
  • Workforce – While there were positive trends in workforce capability, workforce development and hiring persist as key issues as seasoned personnel retire. Gaps in workforce capacity and confidence are also lingering issues.
  • Budget – Despite ongoing budget uncertainty and related challenges, the acquisition community is strongly committed to “getting the job done.” However, they are experiencing strain from diminishing resources and increased demand.
  • Communication & Collaboration – Federal acquisition leadership has emphasized the importance of communication and collaboration between government and industry; however, this has not been routinely practiced at the operational level – it is viewed as inherently risky.
  • Access to Innovation – Innovation means different things to different people, so respondents are concerned the government has no consistent successful strategy in place for soliciting, evaluating, and obtaining “innovative” solutions from industry.
  • Oversight & Compliance – Strengthening the relationship between acquisition and oversight officials is a key issue, one where better communication and collaboration could ease challenges. Respondents believe policymakers and oversight bodies need to better understand the impact of requirements on a complex acquisition system already operating beyond capacity. 
  • Facing the Future – The transition to a new President and a new Congress in 2017 provides the opportunity and impetus for change, and potential solutions to challenges identified in the survey.