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What is an allowable cost?  FAR Part 31.205 (Selected Costs) is sometimes misunderstood and a confusing area. What is “expressly unallowable” vs “unallowable?" What penalty is associated with unallowable cost?  
There are 46 sup-parts including advertising costs, bad debts, cost of money, depreciation, manufacturing costs, etc. Learn about these unique costs and whether they are allowable or unallowable. We will also discuss DCAA “Audit Alert Distributing a Listing of Cost Principles That Identify Expressly Unallowable Costs” and “Selected Area of Cost Guidebook: FAR 31.205 Cost Principles." Further, we will address inter-company transfers as this is also a confusing area for contractors.  

Who Should Attend:
This Webinar is perfect for professionals in the field of Accounting, Compliance, Purchasing, Contracts, Program Management, Pricing and Estimating.
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