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Webinar presenters will speak to helping government contractors reduce the cost of their second largest expense next to payroll….Group Health Insurance.

You will get to hear from the CEOs of both WellNet and GovTech on the strategies that are being deployed to help bend the cost curve on Group Healthcare in the GovCon space.  Keith Lemer, CEO of WellNet, was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal op-ed where he discussed the underlying core strategies behind controlling healthcare costs.

Attendees will get a comprehensive overview of:
  • Understanding the core strategies behind reducing the cost of Group Health Insurance for Government Contractors  
  • The Causes of the Underlying Problem in the Economics of Healthcare 
  • How to Build a Better Health Plan at a Much Lower Price Point
  • Concrete Examples and Ideas that are Working for Government Contractors 
  • Translating lower healthcare costs into reduced Indirect Costs, a lower WRAP Rate and a more competitive bidding position 
  • Substantial Savings on the Fringe Line-item   
This webinar is sponsored by ...

About Government Technology Insurance Company (GovTech):  GovTech and its sister company The Capital Group, LLC, focus exclusively on providing Federal Contractors and Service Providers with cost effective strategies and solutions for both Employee Benefits and Commercial Liability Insurance needs.  &

About WellNet Healthcare: As a national healthcare management firm, WellNet creates lower cost level-funded and self-funded health insurance plans for companies offering employee benefits. With less margin, more technology and a frictionless member experience, our national PPO plans, Reference Based Pricing options, and Hybrid plans lower healthcare expenses today and limit increases tomorrow.  WellNet is helping GovCon reduce the cost of group healthcare and take back the profits from traditional health insurance companies.