This webinar is the first of a three-part series that will focus on government contracting in the life sciences industry. The series will bridge the gap in the world of funding with grants - and contracts for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

This webinar will introduce participants to the various funding agencies within the Department of Defense and the Department of Health & Human Services. During the webinar, we'll help you understand agency requirements and assess alignment within those requirements. We will discuss the typical RFP mechanisms and the response process, including both technical and business/budgetary considerations as well. We'll also highlight key areas such as SOW, WBS, IMS, direct and indirect rate development cost justifications.

Presented by Bob Craig of Capital Edge Consulting and Michael McGinnis of Latham Biopharm Group.

This series will benefit contract administrators and managers, CFOs/accountants, grants administrators, and business development professionals.

Failure to properly present your technical approach to the contract or grant or not properly estimating the costs associated with the effort can result in not obtaining the contract or grant. Failure to demonstrate your ability to properly account for costs under the resulting award is a reason for denial of award as well.
Failure to comply with contract terms and conditions or the Federal Acquisition Regulations and Cost Accounting Standards can result in a termination for default of the contract, and violation of the False Claims Act and False Statements Act. This can result in a requirement to refund the government for costs previously paid along with interest, fines and penalties. Fraud or willful misconduct can also result in the suspension or debarment of the company from doing business with the government and potential civil proceedings including incarceration.