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This is Session 3 of the Foundations of the FAR webinar series. 

This session of the Foundations of the FAR program will cover Parts 6,7 & 11 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Instructor Michael Killham will cover competition requirements, acquisition planning and describing agency needs. You will learn how the government promotes full and open competition as well as exclusions, sealed bidding and comptitive proposals (Part 6).  You will also get an overview of the acquisition planning process (Part 7) and agency needs (Part 11).

Part 6
This part prescribes policies and procedures to promote full and open competition in the acquisition process and to provide for full and open competition after exclusion of resources, other than full and open competition, and advocates for competition.

Part 7
This part prescribes policies and procedures for—
(a) Developing acquisition plans;
(b) Determining whether to use commercial or Government resources for acquisition of supplies or services;
(c) Deciding whether it is more economical to lease equipment rather than purchase it; and
(d) Determining whether functions are inherently governmental.

Part 11
This part prescribes policies and procedures for describing agency needs.