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Basics of Protecting IP in Government Contracting: Whether developing an airplane or selling commercial software, it is essential to understand the basic legal principles governing intellectual property ownership and licensing when the Government is your customer or partner.  Although this 3-part course is focused on beginners, it is a good refresher for experienced practitioners as well. 

This webinar series is designed to simplify the intellectual property frameworks in the FAR and DFARS and to provide helpful tips on IP protection from experienced practitioners.  It covers, among other things,
  • Ownership and license rights in technical data and software at the DoD and civilian agencies,
  • Licensing commercial software, reporting and taking title in subject inventions made under government contracts, and
  • IP considerations specific to other types of government agreements, such as grants, cooperative agreements, CRADAs, and other transaction agreements (“OTAs”). 

This course is a must for anyone looking to protect their IP when selling to or working with the Government.
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The "data rights" clauses in the FAR and DFARS are some of the longest and least understood contract provisions. But if one steps back from the length of the data rights clauses and instead views them with some very simple, common-sense concepts in mind, the clauses become surprisingly easy to understand and to apply. In this Webinar, W Jay DeVec... more
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If you thought there were misconceptions about rights in technical data, be assured there is even greater confusion about rights in noncommercial and commercial computer software. In this Webinar, W Jay DeVecchio of Morrison & Foerster LLP will address the fundamental aspects of the software clauses, and point out the commonalities and the differe... more
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This webinar, led by Tina Reynolds and Locke Bell of Morrison & Foerster LLP, will explore the consequences of developing inventions using federal government funding, answering the questions who owns the IP and what rights does the government obtain? We will discuss the process for reporting inventions to the government and patenting those inventi... more