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The 2016 Congressional Budget Request for the DoE is $29.9 Billion, all of which is discretionary funding. Stated goals are to accelerate clean energy innovation and continue to fund research into all sources of energy as well as invest nearly $13 Billion into nuclear security. This series takes an in-depth look at the lucrative opportunities, the regulations and in general how the DoE organizes itself to acquire mass quantities of products and services annually.
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In this program, you will learn about how the DOE is organized, its budgets, contractors and best practices in doing business with this agency from an experienced practitioner. Covered in this program will be: DOE Organization and Functions, Locations and Budgets, Contracting Structure, Evolution of DOE's Contracting Practices, Major Facility Con... more
In this program, you will learn about DOE's purchasing and contracting practices such as: DOE and DOE Contractor Structures Contracting Rules and Regulations DOE and Contractor Contracting Practices Contractor Inspection/Oversight Best Practices to Doing Business Hot Topics/Current Issues within DOE.