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Suite of Products
Live Webinars
May 21, 2024
1-2 PM EDT
DCAA Incurred Cost Proposal Audits - Session 2 - DCAA Audits Series 2024
DCAA Audits Webinar Series - 2024
This session provides guidance on what to expect before, during, and after a DCAA Incurred Cost Proposal (ICP) audit. Along with covering the typical ICP audit process, we explore the normal areas of focus for DCAA, expected DCAA data requests and their purpose, typical DCAA findings and potential responses to those findings, as well as some best practices to avoid common pitfalls during the audit process. Learning Objectives:  Brief overview of the ICP and its purpose  DCAA selection criteria for ICP audits  Understanding the difference between an adequacy review vs. a full audit  Common DCAA data requests to expect and the rationale behind them  Common DCAA findings  Tips on how to defend against findings, particularly questioned costs  Most common challenges contractors face during an ICP audit and tips on how to overcome them
Live Webinars
May 23, 2024
1-2 PM EDT
Agile Planning and Project Management - Session 2 - Leveraging Agile for Government Contracts Series 2024
Leveraging Agile for Government Contractors Webinar Series - 2024
The second webinar in the series will review Agile planning processes and artifacts. We will introduce and discuss the cadence beginning with developing the product vision, implementation backlog, increment planning, and sprint planning. We will also review tools that will support these processes and effective project management. Learning Objectives  Develop an understanding of the typical Agile planning cadence.  Learn about best practices for developing the primary Agile artifacts.  Discover tools that will support effective Agile processes and project management.
Live Webinars
May 28, 2024
1-2 PM EDT
A Practical Guide to DCAA Accounting System Audits - Session 3 - DCAA Audits Series 2024
DCAA Audits Webinar Series - 2024
The session provides guidance on how to navigate a DCAA accounting system audit. The webinar takes a lifecycle approach. It begins with understanding the different accounting system and associated audit requirements, to supporting the audit process, through audit reporting and corrective action. This course emphasizes the practical realities of an accounting system audit by offering tips and tricks to get out in front of audit findings, managing auditor/auditee relationships, avoiding common pitfalls, and facilitating timely corrective action if adverse audit findings surface. Learning Objectives:  High-level overview of the accounting system requirements  Understanding and differentiation of accounting system audit types and associated approaches  Developing strong working relationships with DCAA  Common DCAA data requests to expect and the rationale behind them  Sensitive areas and common contractor pitfalls during accounting system audits  Tips and tricks to get in front of potential audit findings and facilitate timely corrective action
Live Webinars
May 29, 2024
12-2 PM EDT
Cost Accounting Practice Changes and Cost Impacts - Session 3 - CAS - Beyond Just the Standards Series 2024
CAS - Beyond Just the Standards Series - 2024
Once a contractor has a contract subject to full CAS coverage, it is important to understand how to make a change to a disclosed cost accounting practice. This session will include a discussion of (Learning Objectives):  What is considered an accounting practice change?  What does not meet the definition of an accounting practice change?  What are common triggers for a cost accounting practice change? Additionally, the course will dive into cost impact proposals covering when a proposal is required, the timing for submission, and how impacts are calculated. The course also includes a case study for hands-on experience with a cost impact calculation.
Live Webinars
May 30, 2024
1-2 PM EDT
Project Controls for Agile Projects - Session 3 - Leveraging Agile for Government Contracts Series 2024
Leveraging Agile for Government Contractors Webinar Series - 2024
The last webinar in the series will review Agile methodologies for measuring and monitoring performance. We will also discuss how these metrics may be combined with traditional best practices for Project Controls which will enable government program management and reporting. Learning Objectives  Learn about Agile methodologies which will provide important metrics for measuring and monitoring project performance.  Understand how traditional cost and schedule management tools such as an integrated master schedule (IMS) and EVM may be used for Agile projects.  Discover how these tools will help enable improved government collaboration.
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