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Virtual Live
Feb 23, 2022
Subcontract Compliance for Government Contractors Virtual - February 2022
Learn the basics of subcontract file creation and maintenance, including the scope and extent and compliant documentation, as well as methods to ensure appropriate file oversight; the importance of ongoing communication to ensure compliance requirements are being met and documented properly; and the importance of ongoing training in the latest regulations and "hot-topics" in the area of compliance. You'll also be introduced to the current regulatory trends facing contractors.
Virtual Live
Feb 22-23, 2022
DCAA Contractor Business Systems and Internal Controls Virtual - February 2022
This virtual course consists of an examination of the characteristics of adequate business systems relevant to compliant accounting and management systems required for Government contracts.
Virtual Live
Feb 22, 2022
Managing Flowdowns Virtual - February 2022
In this 2-session virtual course, Managing Flowdowns, attendees will learn the difference between mandatory and non-mandatory flowdowns; when (and how) to negotiate flowdowns with the government; and how to prioritize the clauses that are flowed down to subcontractors. Attendees will also learn to use a flowdown matrix efficiently and will learn how to educate themselves on the potential impact of flowdowns on their particular projects, and much more.
Virtual Live
Feb 7-8, 2022
Cost and Price Analysis in Government Contracts Virtual - February 2022
2-day, 4-session Virtual Course objective is to have participants obtain a working level understanding of what the dual techniques of Cost Analysis and Price Analysis are, when they are to be used, and how to accomplish them. This objective is achieved through a thorough review and analysis of the regulations and illustrated through a variety of real world examples, scenarios and case studies.
Virtual Live
Feb 7-17, 2022
Government Contract Accounting Boot Camp Virtual - February 2022
This Federal Publications Seminars 10-session (3 hours/session) virtual course on government contract accounting is designed to cover the most important aspects in government contract accounting. The virtual course is a combination of lecture and case studies to build practical and useful skills to immediately make an impact in your organization.
Virtual Live
Feb 4, 2022
Advanced ITAR Virtual - February 2022
A specially designed accelerated learning virtual course analyzing the principles and key advanced issues in arms exporting through the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
Virtual Live
Feb 2-3, 2022
Basic ITAR Virtual - February 2022
This introductory virtual course is for business executives, international contracting specialists, contract managers and administrators, program and project managers, marketing professionals, engineers and other technical personnel, newly appointed export compliance officers, logistics personnel, and legal and financial advisors.
Virtual Live
Jan 27-28, 2022
Advanced FAR Workshop Virtual - January 2022
In this 4-session virtual course, students will gain a practical understanding of these areas so they can comply with the complex requirements of these FAR Parts and avoid pitfalls by anticipating and resolving potential problems. We will start with an analysis and explanation of the FAR Parts listed above and follow with a review of key sections of the corresponding clauses. This coverage will be augmented by case studies and a review of actual contract documents that we will use as the foundation for further class discussions.
Virtual Live
Jan 26, 2022
DFARs Workshop Virtual - January 2022
This one-day concentrated virtual course on the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) will enable attendees to better understand the structure and content of the DFARS and how it relates to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).  The course is intended for personnel with some familiarity with the FAR who want to learn about the acquisition regulations and policies that are specifically applicable to Department of Defense acquisitions.
Virtual Live
Jan 25-26, 2022
The Service Contract Act Virtual - January 2022
This special two-day Virtual Course will teach you what the Service Contract Act's labor requirements are, when they are applicable, and how to efficiently incorporate them into your daily contracting activities.