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This course is in response to suggestions that we have a course focused on subjects that are frequent topics of misunderstanding, disputes, and litigation in government contracting. 

A not-so-casual review of the decisions of the Boards of Contracts Appeals, and the contract dispute decisions of the Court of Federal Claims and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, show two leading causes of litigation: 1) Disputes over the meaning (i.e., interpretation) of the contract (including whether there is a contract and what the contract consists of), and 2) changes - or alleged changes – to government contracts (including the scope of a change, the exercise of options, proving the cost and price of a change, and of course “constructive change” allegations).  .
While contract interpretation and changes are the core of our seminar, we have included other topics, to include government contract authority, contractor responsibility, and conflicts of interest.

Please see the Agenda for the full listing of the dispute-prone issues we will cover, and plan to join us for this seminar.

Learning Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course you will:
  • Recognize the authority of a government contract
  • Learn the basics of contract formation
  • Understand the rules and regulations guiding contract formation
  • Determine the potential ambiguities in a contract that cause issues in interpretation
  • Recognize the difference between intrinsic evidence and extrinsic evidence
  • Interpret the chance clause
  • Determine and price changes and equitable adjustments
  • Recognize conflicts of interest
May 5-6, 2021
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
La Jolla, CA
Travel Info
Standard: $1,375.00
Premium: $1,770.00
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Schedule for La Jolla, CA and Hilton Head, SC Weeklong Conferences
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
All Other Locations
I. Foundational Topics
Government Contract Authority
  • The Hard and Fast Rule of Government Contract Authority
  • Actual and Implied Government Contract Authority
  • Apparent Authority (Government and Contractor)
  • Contracting Officers, CORS, and Government Program Personnel
  • Unauthorized Commitments and Ratification
  • Contractor Exposure and Risk for Antideficiency Act Violations 

II. Government Contract Law and Contract Interpretation
Contract Formation (Whether There is a Government Contract)
  • The Contract Law of Government Contracting
  • Government Contract Types (incl. “personal services” contracts)
  • Offers and Acceptances – including “Simplified” Procedures and the End of the Mailbox Rule
  • Government Purchasing Obligations under “Agreements,” Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity and Requirements Contracts, and Schedule Contracts 
Contract Content (What the Contract Consists Of) 
  • The Parol Evidence Rule
  • The Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
  • The “Christian Doctrine”
  • Pre-Contract Events and Communications (incl. pre-proposal conferences, amendments to solicitations, and less formal exchanges) 
  • Oral Presentations and Final Contract Content
  • Incorporation by Reference
  • Application without Reference
  • Status of Proposals Upon Contract Award
Contract Interpretation.  
This topic is involved in some way in most contract disputes.  Our seminar will provide more information on this critical subject than is provided in law school, and our course author and instructor literally wrote the only book dedicated to the topic in the context of government contracting: The Contract Interpretation Handbook, A Guide for Avoiding and Resolving Government Contract Disputes (and its predecessor publication, How to Read a Government Contract, A Manual on Contract Interpretation for Acquisition Professionals). 
  • The Interpretation Function 
  • The Judicial Process of Interpretation
  • The Contractor’s Duty to Continue During a Dispute
  • The Parties’ Right to Claim for Each Other’s Formal Interpretation of the Contract
  • Overarching Principles and Approaches to Interpretation 
  • Preferences in Interpretative Results 
  • Principles of Interpretation Applicable to the Text of the Contract (Intrinsic Evidence), including definitions, dictionaries, and orders of precedence.
  • Principles of Interpretation Applicable to Matters Outside the Text of the Contract (Extrinsic Evidence), including the “Plain Meaning Rule” in government contracting, and the special niche accorded to trade usage in government contracting.
  • Deciding Ambiguous Contracts – The Doctrine of Contra Proferentem  
  • The Basic Doctrine of Contra Proferentem
  • The Great Federal Exception to Contra Proferentem (The “Duty to Inquire” into a “Patent Ambiguity”)
  • The Contractor’s Obligation to Prove Reliance on Its Reasonable Interpretation  
Introduction to the Practical Exercise: Acme v. United States  
The topics that have been addressed so far in the seminar have set the stage for this case.  The facts of the case are reviewed, and seminar participants are assigned as Government, Contractor, or Judge teams.  The case will be argued on the second day (or at end of the day in a one-day presentation).  Everyone participates in the internal team discussions, but no one is required to argue the case or speak on behalf of the court – volunteers only. 
III. Contract Changes
Formal Changes
  • Types of Formal Changes
  • Requirements for a Proper Change
  • The Changes Clauses (incl. Commercial Item Contracts) 
  • The “Scope” of a Change and Cardinal Changes
  • The Contractor’s Obligations Under  Within Scope and Cardinal Changes
  • Options (and how to/not to exercise options) 
  • Government-Ordered Delays and Force Majeure
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Funding Issues for the Government in a Change
  • Settlement Agreements and Accord and Satisfaction
The Constructive Change Doctrine
  • The Background of the Constructive Change Doctrine 
  • The Elements of a Constructive Change
  • Government Misinterpretation Changes 
  • Government Defective Specifications
  • Government Withholding Important Information
  • Government Failure to Cooperate
  • Government Constructive Acceleration
Pricing Contract Changes and Adjustments
  • The Authorities for Increased Payment
  • Price Components and Allocability Perspectives
  • The Basic Pricing Standard 
  • The Actual Cost Method
  • The Estimated Cost Method
  • The Total Cost Method
  • The Modified Total Cost Method
  • The “Jury Method”

IV  Other Topics of Dispute
Contractor Issues
  • Responsibility
  • Imputing Misconduct for Exclusion
  • Organizational Conflicts of Interest
  • Edmund Amorosi
    Edmund M. Amorosi is the Managing Member of SMITH PACHTER MCWHORTER PLC.  He has over 15 years of experience as an attorney in government contracts and construction law.  After graduating from George Mason University School of Law, Mr. Amorosi served as a law clerk to...
  • Franklin Turner
    Partner, McCarter & English
    Mr. Turner is a Partner and Co-Leader of the Government Contracts & Export Controls Practice Group. He is an innovative business lawyer with significant experience resolving complex government contracts issues for a broad array of companies – ranging from multinational Fortune 100 corporat...
  • Cara Wulf
    Associate, McCarter & English
    Cara Wulf is an associate in the Government Contracts & Global Trade practice group at McCarter & English. She focuses her practice on government contracts and regulations. She has extensive experience counseling clients regarding compliance with federal, state, and local public procurement...
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Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
3777 La Jolla Village Drive
La Jolla, CA, 92122
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During La Jolla Government Contracts Week, we will be serving continental breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack each day.