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Webinar Series
Jan 7-28, 2021
Indirect Rate Optimization Series
Join us for this four part webinar series where we will explore accounting and pricing practices used by contractors to help optimize their indirect rate structure to help improve contract competitive positioning and cost recovery. 
Webinar Series
Oct 28 - Dec 16, 2020
Compliance for Healthcare Contractors
This is a 7-part series on Compliance for Healthcare Contractors webinar series. Baker Tilly will discuss compliance requirements across the healthcare continuum with an overview of compliance risks for government contracts, then dive into the contracting vehicles used by the government to procure healthcare-related services, pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and medical supplies. Throughout the series, attendees will be provided opportunities to obtain a broad yet detailed understanding of the government contracting landscape and how it impacts healthcare, life science and research organizations.
Webinar Series
Sep 8-29, 2020
Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Government Contractors
This is a 3-part webinar series on grants and cooperative agreements for government contractors. In this series, we will introduce you to grants and cooperative agreement funding, discuss the relevant post award compliance considerations, and teach you how to prepare for successful post award compliance audits.
Webinar Series
Aug 26-27, 2020
CFIUS Revamped: Major Changes Under the New Regulations
On August 26 & 27, please join Barnes & Thornburg Partners Christine Sohar Henter and Clinton Yu for a webinar detailing the key facets of this increasingly important interagency government committee. Due to new CFIUS regulations under the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA), the Committee now wields significantly expanded powers to conduct foreign investment review in areas such as critical technology, critical infrastructure, sensitive personal data, and real estate.
Webinar Series
Aug 14 - Sep 11, 2020
Introduction to Cybersecurity Series
This is a 4-part webinar series on Cybersecurity. In this series, we will untangle the web of laws, regulations, and guidance surrounding the dynamic cybersecurity requirements applicable to contractors in the Federal supply chain.
Webinar Series
Jun 16-30, 2020
Intellectual Property Series - 2020
This is a 3-part webinar series on intellectual property. This webinar series is designed to simplify the intellectual property frameworks in the FAR and DFARS and to provide helpful tips on IP protection from experienced practitioners. This series is a must for anyone looking to protect their IP when selling to or working with the Government.  Developed to address topics from the perspective of the contractor, this series is also valuable for Government personnel needing to understand these same legal principles. 
Webinar Series
Jun 10 - Jul 08, 2020
Cost Accounting Standards for Small and Medium Contractors - 2020 Series
The speaker in this series will provide deep and industry-wide experience to help you uncover the myriad of cost accounting practices that prepare you for CAS.  The concepts identified during this two-part series will help your Finance experts as your Ownership, Operations and Contracts personnel.
Webinar Series
Apr 30 - Jun 18, 2020
Costpoint Lessons Learned
This series is designed to share our learnings across a broad range of businesses to help the audience improve their experience with Costpoint.  Attendees will learn the language of Costpoint, become familiar with some of the configuration settings that shape reporting, and learn about three of the most critical success factors in Accounting, Finance, and Labor.  Attendees will also come away with some helpful practice tips to help them avoid common pitfalls in Costpoint. 
Webinar Series
Apr 07 - May 12, 2020
Effective Ethics Programs for Suppliers
FPS is teaming with Defense Industry Initiative (DII) on this 5-part series. We'll cover (1) why you need an ethics program and how to start, (2) setting up an ethics program, (3) developing policies & procedures, (4) training and communicating on ethics, and (5) enabling employees to speak up and addressing issues raised.
Webinar Series
Apr 02 - Dec 03, 2020
Procurement University - 2020
Join Federal Publications Seminars and Capital Edge Consulting for our fourth year of Procurement University--a comprehensive 9-part series of online classes covering the critical elements of accounting and pricing of Federal Government contracts. At the completion of the 9 sessions, you should be able to demonstrate core concepts of the requirements for cost accounting and pricing of different contract types, and the associated compliance and DCAA audit oversight.