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Live Webinars
Dec 7, 2021
12-2 PM EST
CAS Overview and Applicability - Session 1 - CAS Beyond Just the Standards Series 2021
CAS - Beyond Just the Standards Series - 2021
Many Federal contractors initially find Cost Accounting Standards to be difficult to understand and navigate. Our experts break down the requirements so each participant can understand:  What is CAS?  When does it apply?  What is a Disclosure Statement? This session will discuss modified vs. full CAS coverage and will also provide a high-level overview of the standards by grouping and the connection between CAS requirements and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). NOTE: CPE/CLE credit for attendees is subject to participation and approval by the governing boards.
Live Webinars
Dec 8, 2021
12-1 PM EST
Government Contracting Subcontract Agreements - Requirements and Responsibilities - Session 2
Teaming Agreements and Subcontracting Agreements Series 2021
Federal Government subcontracting is a peculiar animal. Once a prime contractor wins an award, they swing into action to place their intended subcontractors under contract as well. Or at least they should. The teaming agreement you signed many months ago, typically terminates when the subcontract is signed. The terms of the teaming agreement do not transfer but some of them need to be included in the subcontract agreement. Plus, there are many more terms and conditions that will be added to the resulting subcontract. Do you know what the requirements are and the attending responsibilities of both the prime and the subcontractor? The speaker in this webinar will provide deep and industry-wide experience to help you uncover the numerous subcontract agreement requirements and responsibilities as well as the basic terms and flow-down clauses you should accept in your next subcontract agreement. Who should attend? Contracts managers, subcontracting managers, business development specialists, and owners. In this session, we will examine the functions of a GovCon subcontract agreement. Learning Objectives: 1. Learn the requirements of a subcontract agreement 2. Know what terms you want and do not want in a subcontract agreement 3. Discover your responsibilities as a subcontractor 4. Understand flow-down clauses you need
Live Webinars
Dec 9, 2021
1-2 PM EST
Quarterly Compliance Updates And Hot Topics For 2021 - JAMIS Prime Insights GovCon Webinar Series
JAMIS Prime Insights GovCon Webinar Series: Quarterly Compliance Updates And Hot Topics For 2021 Regulatory compliance in the government contracting world changes on a frequent basis. Regulatory compliance authorities come in various forms; including, legislation, rule-making, regulation and agency-specific procedure, and it is important for contractors to stay on top of the current and changing environment. Join JAMIS Software guest presenters, Craig Stetson and Brian Gallagher of the Government Contracts Practice at Capital Edge Consulting, Inc. as they review the compliance updates and challenges that may affect government contractors and may impact various areas of the business, including: -Cost Accounting and Allocation Practices -Determination of Allowable Costs -Estimating and Pricing Practices -Business Systems Documentation and Internal Controls -Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Practices -Contract Administration and Financial Reporting Practices Upon completion of this webinar series, participants should be aware of recent legislative, regulatory, and DCAA audit guidance actions affecting government contract compliance and identify challenges that may be in store for the remainder of 2021.
Live Webinars
Dec 14, 2021
12-2 PM EST
Impact on Business Segments - Session 2 - CAS Beyond Just the Standards Series 2021
CAS - Beyond Just the Standards Series - 2021
This session builds on CAS Overview and Applicability with understanding the impacts to an organization's business segments. The session begins with defining the difference between a business unit and a segment and explains the pros and cons of transferring materials, supplies or services based on both cost and price. Learning Objectives: Participants will learn about the applicability of Disclosure Statements to segments, including when a Disclosure Statement is required to be completed. The session also includes a case study which will provide hands-on experience with a sample Disclosure Statement. NOTE: CPE/CLE credit for attendees is subject to participation and approval by the governing boards.
Live Webinars
Dec 15, 2021
12-1 PM EST
The Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate Part 2 - Need I Still Worry
In short, the answer is still "Yes." By now, most of industry is alert to President Biden's Executive Order 14042 (September 9, 2021), and the numerous significant guidance and FAR deviation papers issued in short order thereafter. The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force issued its initial 14-page guidance on September 24 and has updated that guidance with additional Frequently Asked Questions. Notwithstanding numerous federal court lawsuits challenging the FAR and DFARS deviation clauses, the government continues to press hard on contractors and subcontractors to comply with the clauses. The purpose of this webinar is to help you to understand the impending, and evolving, contract and subcontract requirements and to plan for their impact. The discussion will include topics such as (Learning Objectives):  Key requirements for contracts and subcontracts  Application of requirements to existing and future contracts and subcontracts  Compliance responsibilities  Potential cost impacts and cost recovery scenarios This webinar is designed for business, contracts, compliance, and legal personnel. We look forward to a lively discussion! This webinar is eligible for CLE/CPE credit.
Live Webinars
Dec 16, 2021
12-1 PM EST
CMMC v2.0 - Early Reactions Are In and They Are Mixed - What You Can Do to be Best Prepared
On November 4, 2021, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) published an update to its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and defined a path forward that has Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors eager to understand impacts to their business and anticipated next steps in the evolution of the CMMC program. Learning Objectives: During this webinar, we will provide an early view into how the various stakeholders have responded or reacted to this update as well as provide a look at the early reactions from the Government Acquisition, Programs and Oversight Communities. Additionally, we will preview early survey results from the Primes, Subcontractors, Small and Medium Businesses as well as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) itself. Finally, we will look at a set of recommendations that make your company as prepared as possible for the new CMMC v.2.0.
Live Webinars
Dec 17, 2021
12:00-1:30 PM EST
Exports of COTS Items to China, Russia, Venezuela, and Myanmar - Expanded Military End Use/Military End User Rules
Many contractors are now finding their sales of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products to China, Russia, Venezuela, and most recently Burma to be subject to the expanded Military End Use/User (MEU) and Military Intelligence End Use/User (MIEU) rules of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). The new rules particularly impact those in the aerospace, marine, telecommunications, electronics, and materials processing industries. On December 17, please join Barnes & Thornburg for a webinar detailing the key changes under this rule. Learning Objectives: This webinar will include a discussion of increased diligence obligations and common compliance pitfalls for exporters. Barnes & Thornburg faculty will also utilize practical exercises to engage the audience in a discussion of potential strategies for mitigating risks. This webinar is eligible for CLE/CPE credit.
Live Webinars
Dec 21, 2021
12-2 PM EST
Cost Accounting Practice Changes and Cost Impacts - Session 3 - CAS Beyond Just the Standards Series 2021
CAS - Beyond Just the Standards Series - 2021
Once a contractor has a contract subject to full CAS coverage, it is important to understand how to make a change to a disclosed cost accounting practice. This session will include a discussion of (learning objectives):  What is considered an accounting practice change?  What does not meet the definition of an accounting practice change?  What are common triggers for a cost accounting practice change? Additionally, the course will dive into cost impact proposals covering when a proposal is required, the timing for submission, and how impacts are calculated. The course also includes a case study for hands-on experience with a cost impact calculation. NOTE: CPE/CLE credit for attendees is subject to participation and approval by the governing boards.
Live Webinars
Jan 4, 2022
11:00 AM-12:30 PM EST
Contract Pricing - Session 1 - Cost Based Acquisition Series
A Crash Course in Cost-Based Acquisition Series - 2022
Cost-based acquisition relies on information from the contractor's books and records including both historical and budgetary data when pricing contracts. When the Government or higher tier contractor rely on this type of information for contract award, a contractor must forecast the proposed contract cost including both direct and indirect cost -- which is represented by a contractor's forward pricing rates. Further, the proposal may trigger certification of contract pricing disclosures that provide post-award audit rights to the pre-award disclosures. Finally, the contract may trigger contractor business system requirements inhabiting the contractor's estimating or purchasing systems. This 1st webinar in our cost-based acquisition crash course focusses on the pre-award phase of the contract lifecycle focusing on contract pricing basics and kicking off our 4-part webinar series. Learning Objectives: By the end of this session, participants will be able to ascertain the difference between cost-based and price-based acquisition; Understand the contract applicability of cost-based pricing and the associated disclosure, substantiation, and certification obligations; and potential business system requirements. This webinar is eligible for CLE/CPE credit.
Live Webinars
Jan 5, 2022
12-1 PM EST
The Fundamentals of the Buy American Act - Session 1 - The Buy American Act and Domestic Preference Series
The Buy American Act and Domestic Preference Series - 2022
In this webinar, students will be introduced to the Buy American Act and the clauses and regulations implementing the BAA. We will discuss the basic requirements of the BAA, and will learn what exceptions to the Buy American Act requirements may apply and when. We will also explore the nuances of the BAA in how it applies domestic preference to "end products" and "construction materials," and what it means for such items to be "manufactured" in the United States for purposes of Buy American compliance. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: After completing this course, you will be able to:  Understand the purpose and applicability of the Buy American Act  Understand the Buy American regulations and clauses as they apply to end products, constructions materials, and components  Recognize exceptions to the Buy American Act requirements and when they apply  Put products and construction materials to the test for the BAA NOTE: CPE/CLE credit for attendees is subject to participation and approval by the governing boards.