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A Multi-Course Program on Cybersecurity Contracting and Organizational Vigilance
Federal Publications Seminars™ announced on February 17, 2015 at the 2015 Government Contracts Year-in-Review Conference in Washington, DC, the a new certificate program for acquisition, procurement, and contract management professionals.

The CyberContracting™ Certificate Program, a multi-course program on cybersecurity contracting and organizational vigilance, will provide contract professionals with a knowledge baseline for preparing and implementing information security plans, practices, and procedures.

New and dynamic cybersecurity, IT, security, privacy, and data protection standards impact contract management and how agencies and contractors must draft, include, meet, and exceed cybersecurity standards and documentation requirements from needs identification through source selection, performance, and closeout in the contracting cycle. Through the CyberContracting™ Certificate Program, contracting professionals can:
  • Take a leadership role in working with and across departments, organizational disciplines, functional groups and specialists in responding to organizational threats
  • Jump-start initiatives in this critical area to strengthen acquisition policies, practices, and procedures in the organization’s best interests
  • Develop a federal acquisition Cyber Risk Management strategy
  • Demonstrate their interest in Cybersecurity by learning and applying new skills, knowledge, and applications
  • Ensure compliance with cyber safe and cyber secure standards, mandatory and voluntary frameworks
Candidates are afforded a series of required courses and electives through public seminars, In-House workshops, and online. 
The Death Knell of the Organizational Silo Defense
If there is an upside to the cyber attack wreckage that has strewn organizational landscapes, it is in its galvanic effect on all employees to work together against the continuing threats of cyber hackers, cyber criminals, and state-sponsored cyber attacks.  Employees know that Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.  All employees must work in unison to defend and protect information and data – and deter and respond to malevolent attackers.  No organizational silo is exempt and no department or individual silo is always to blame.  

Acquisition professionals are uniquely positioned to stimulate interaction between departments (and silos) and strengthen defenses.  Through buying and selling cyber safe and cyber secure products and services, acquisition professionals can enhance security while reducing vulnerabilities.  Acquisition professionals are resourceful employees with innovative ideas.  

Learning about Cybersecurity is a key ingredient to successful performance – and that is the primary purpose of this CyberContracting Certificate Program™ – to provide contract professionals with a knowledge baseline for preparing and implementing information security plans, practices, and procedures.

Take advantage of this new program to energize your multidisciplinary efforts and to preempt cyber malefactors bent on destruction and havoc. 

We look forward to working with you.  
CyberContracting Certificate Program Press Release
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