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management and professional development TOPICS
COst-benefit analysis and how to prepare a business case
2 Days
workshop for contract professionals on how to prepare a cost-benefit analysis and a business case for an acquisition or purchase.  A basic cost-benefit analysis is simply a way of comparing the value of one alternative over one or more others by showing where the advantage of your recommendation is greater than the value of others.  

It sounds simple enough but terms of art such as “best value” and “lowest price technically acceptable” must be considered as a part of the formula in government contracts. Intrinsic values such as “trusted supplier” can benefit your calculation in a cost-benefit analysis.  

This workshop will include basic presentation formats and examples that you can use on the job.  The workshop also covers the development of a business case. A basic business case usually outlines the reasons why a decision for one alternative should be made. A business case is a presentation or a document that encourages and advocates a decision in your favor. The workshop features the contents of a business case – including a cost-benefit analysis – and templates with practical exercises.  

how employees learn: learning skills; critical analysis skills; and decision-making skills for all employees
2 Days
workshop for all employees on the importance of learning personally and organizationally, how learning facilitates change in all organizations, how to develop critical analysis skills, and how to determine the optimum course of organizational action within the contours of the organization’s rules, regulations, and operational guidance.  

Workshop includes:  How to learn; Learning and change; How learning facilitates change within a framework of continuity; The purpose and relevance of learning; The purpose and relevance of organizational learning; Creativity and Innovation; Optimizing choices through critical skills analysis; Making the right decision.

The end object of this workshop is to improve personal and organizational effectiveness through an understanding of how learning transforms change into a positive force for organizational growth.  

PErsuasion and peer influence in communications on the job
2 Days
A workshop for contract professionals, program and project managers, and technical professionals on the techniques of persuasion in both oral and written communications on the job. Peer influence is a critical skill on project teams and in leaderless groups where leadership is shared. Cooperation and teamwork are vital to the success of the project and its mission. This workshop describes a framework and procedure for drafting both oral and written communications. It is interactive with participation and practical exercises. The workshop includes a useful template of techniques to use in your communications.   

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