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intellectual property, informaton technology, and information assurance topics
CONTINUOus monitoring: a management workshop
2 Days
A two-day workshop for contract managers and professionals on the concept and practice of continuous monitoring for government and commercial contractors and agencies.  Continuous monitoring is a management strategy that is being adopted in many network applications in addition to security, information assurance and cybersecurity projects. 

Workshop includes:  A survey of platforms and applications; Operational best practices and descriptive simulation exercises; Related technical references such as NIST standards. The workshop is designed to familiarize managers with continuous monitoring as a tool and technique for real-time early warning indicators, controls, and analysis.

Fedramp and cloud computing for contracting professionals
2 Days
A workshop for contract professionals on the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and its innovative approach to security, information assurance, quality, cost savings, and continuous monitoring in the acquisition of cloud products and services.  

The workshop includes an update on the implications for contractors of the DoD and GSA final report on Improving Cybersecurity and Resilience Through Acquisition and the Draft Implementation Plan of this effort and initiative. Workshop also covers:  FedRAMP approach and goals; Cloud solutions; Cloud Service Providers (CSPs); Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs); the process – agencies select a service, providers meet FedRAMP requirements before implementation and assessment organizations perform the initial and periodic assessments; Governance; Challenges and remedies for contractors; Recent developments.  

government contract intellectual property litigation: strategies and lessons for contracting professionals
2 Days
A workshop for CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, General Counsels, senior executives, program and project managers, and contract professionals on trends and lessons at the intersection of IP and IT, IP strategies, and IP litigation.  

Workshop covers: IP protection as a global strategy; The rush to patent protection internationally and implications for government contractors; Patent trolls as a factor; Litigation as a sword and a shield; Alternatives to litigation; Rules, guidance, and new developments in technical data rights and computer software in government contracting; The impacts of cybersecurity and privacy on IP, IT, security, and information assurance; New developments in patents, trademarks, copyrights and fair use concepts; Litigation lessons in government contracting for contract professionals.  

the basics of big data, analytics, and algorithms for government contracting professionals
2 Days
A workshop on big data, analytics, and algorithms for contract professionals and how big data can impact the procurement process. It is a basic workshop on what contract professionals must know about data availability, data integrity, and how to use data in acquisition, procurement, and management.  

Big Data applications and concepts continue to change the face of management and supervision in all organizations. This workshop focuses on applications and potential applications on the job through a greater awareness of its benefits. Big Data has been defined as “the technological ability to capture, aggregate, process and store data for predictive performance purposes in all productive processes”. One of the purposes of this basic workshop is to stimulate thinking about how big data applications can contribute to innovative efforts in your organization.  

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