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federal supply schedule, bpa, and commercial contracting TOPICS
Blanket purchase agreements
2 Days
A workshop emphasizing the BPA (Blanket Purchase Agreement) and including other types of ordering vehicles.  Workshop includes:  BPA definition in the FAR; The BPA as an agency contracting vehicle; The BPA under a schedule contract; Advantages of BPAs for agencies and contractors; Best Value purpose and goals; FAR Part 8.4 and FAR Part 13.3; Establishing a BPA; Pricing arrangements; Clauses, terms and conditions; Purchases under BPAs; Generally, individual purchases shall not exceed the Simplified Acquisition Threshold; BPA reviews; BPA completions; BOAs (Basic Ordering Agreements) and other non-binding, tentative agreements; Distinctions and differences between and among basic agreements; Why BPAs are not considered to be contracts under contract law.   

the masters institute in federal supply schedule contracting
3 Days
An advanced workshop for experienced FSS (Federal Supply Schedule) contracting professionals on new, planned, and pending developments in schedule contracting.  Workshop coverage includes strategies for maximizing sales through schedules and other commercial contracting with the government; the investigative results of schedule contractors that include size misrepresentations, labor qualifications vetting failures, current cost or pricing data issues, and compliance with the Service Contract Act errors – in addition to price reduction clause issues and failures to identify IFF (Industrial Funding Fee) sales. Coverage also includes new and pending GWACs opportunities, government-wide strategic sourcing, new Contractor Assistance Visits (CAVs) and the role of Industrial Operations Analysts (IOAs), the new GSA Category Management Program, and the use of common acquisition platforms. 

By way of review, the Institute will also cover schedule applications, negotiations, audits and renewals. The Institute’s learning methodology is participative and interactive with practical exercises and case studies.  

working with the general services administration regulation (GSAR) and the GSA manual (GSAM)
2 Days
A workshop for federal supply schedule contractors on the GSA rules and regulations. The GSA has recently proposed amendments to the GSAR to update the contracting by negotiation rules, consolidate recent rewrites, and incorporate existing policies, procedures, provisions, and clauses. This is an ideal time for schedule contractors to designate or confirm a contractor employee as a responsible Schedules Manager, a central source of information, opportunities, and compliance. The team or team manager should be able to navigate the regulations in the best interests of the organization. The workshop is designed to ensure that contractors have a detailed, working knowledge of the GSAR/GSAM and the skills necessary to apply the rules to any commercial item and service acquisition situation.  

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