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Suite of Products
Live Webinars
Feb 27, 2024
12:00-1:30 PM EST
Costpoint Accounts Payable (Payments) - Session 4 - Unlock the Power of Deltek Costpoint Series 2024
Unlock the Power of Deltek Costpoint: Fundamentals and Technical Training Webinar Series - 2024
This class is dedicated to the intricacies of payment processing within Costpoint's accounting realm. Participants will delve into the methods for selecting vouchers for payment, defining setup options for printing checks using either preprinted forms or blank laser formats, and understanding the crucial steps involved in voiding and re-issuing a check. By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge and skills for efficient payment management in the accounting domain. Key Learning Objectives: 1. Learn methods for strategically selecting vouchers for payment to optimize financial processes. 2. Define setup options for printing checks, exploring both preprinted form and blank laser formats. 3. Identify and understand the steps involved in voiding a check and the subsequent process of re-issuing.
Live Webinars
Feb 28, 2024
12:00-1:30 PM EST
Administering a Federal Contract while Preparing for Closeout - Session 4 - Federal Contract Closeout 2024 Series
Federal Contract Closeout Webinar Series - 2024
The contract with analysis of the document in relationship to the closeout process, including type of contract, timelines, contract administration and management, contract documentation and files, and the players and their role. Learning Objectives (What you will have learned.) - How do you analyze a contract in terms of administrative requirements Determine contract type Timelines Different types of contract officers Complete cast of characters and their roles Required documentation - What are the identified issues and problems with every administrative/legal/financial requirement
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  • Top Quality
    Federal Publications Seminars instructors are nationally recognized specialists in government contracting. They are not only experts in their subject areas, but are proven educators – able to communicate the material in terms you can effectively relate to your individual government contracting...
  • Private,
    FPSCustom training is developed for you and delivered to you. You choose the time and place that’s most convenient. You also choose the platform: in a classroom setting; live/online; on-demand/online; or blended (classroom plus FPSOnline Subscription). Courses will be tailored specifi...
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    We take the work out of accreditation and do it for you! Certificates of completion will be provided to all seminar participants who attended Federal Publications Seminars courses and seminars following the event upon request. All FPSCustom courses are accredited for CLE (Continuing Legal Education)...
  • Breadth &
    Depth of
    Choose from any of the hundreds of unique FPS courses from the past or currently offered to the public – OR we will create a new course based on the needs of your company, agency or department. We can also provide live webinars or on-demand, online courses. FPSCustom provides robust, practical...
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    FPS will design high quality training courses designed to reach audiences of any size. There is no minimum number of participants required. Your team will build essential skills and competencies in an efficient manner. FPSCustom gives you the flexibility to build in your own internal requirements in...
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    Your organization will eliminate travel costs, hotel expenses, per diem and lost productivity. Well-trained employees who know and understand the ever-changing rules and regulations in government contracting can save your organization thousands of dollars each year.
Hear What Customers Are Saying
  • I liked how the instructor could relate stories from experience to the topics he discussed. It helped with the clarification of the material he presented. He is very good at "teaching." I would recommend this class.
    —Jill, Senior Contract Manager
  • The instructor was phenomenal. Great instruction amplified by relevant and varied experience, and he was engaging. Would definitely like to take a course with FPS again.
    —Hope, Director of Contracts
  • Federal Publications offerings are some of the best I have ever attended. I attended my first in DC, the Basics of Government Contracting, back in the early 1990s. Fond memories!
    —Amy, Director of Contracts