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  • I signed up for an FPSOnline Subscription in December, 2017. I try to take a course a week, and I make sure I'm registered for the live webinars so I can get CPE credits.
    —Martha Logerman Williams, Contracts Manager, PG Environmental
  • I've taken 3 courses so far and have enjoyed them. I'm taking over the GSA scheduling for my company and FPSOnline includes several courses on this topic that I'll be able to take in the near future so I'm more knowledgeable in this area.
    —Warren Galle, Contracts Manager, Global Resource Solutions
  • I have enjoyed the training thus far have learned a lot. I especially like having the PowerPoints with the training; it helps to follow along and take notes. It's nice to be able to ask the instructor questions even outside of the live training!
    —Marie Mullins, Quality Assurance, BWX Technologies, Inc.
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