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Federal Publications Seminars is offering an exciting new video on demand product to complement our audio on demand programs! Stay current and compliant while saving on travel to seminars. These video on demand programs give you access to robust, practical content on government contracting.


An Introduction to the Cost Accounting Standards Board
This course takes you through the basics of the Cost Accounting Standards set by the Cost Accounting Standards Board. It discusses certain CAS clauses and related Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Basics of Government Contract Accounting
Discover the role of Accounting in Government Contracts. Understand the key cost accounting standards requirements and regulations. Determine the requirements to business and accounting systems. 


An Introduction to Government Contracting - Session 1: Statutes
Federal Acquisition Regulation governs Government Contrating. Learn about the most common statutes which have been put into law over the past fifty years.

An Introduction to Government Contracting - Session 2 Regulations
This course cover the primary regulations that govern the US Federal Government Contracting process. It is designed to give you a grounding in the history and meanings of the regulations.

An Introduction to Government Contracting - Session 3 - The Contract Awards Process
This session discusses the awards and bids process in government contracts. Different types of contracts and implications of executing the contracts. 

An Introduction to Government Contracting - Session 4 - Costs, Claims and Disputes
Understand the how costs are recovered, bid protests, claims and disputes resolved in govenrment contracts. Get a better understanding of these processes and who is involved.   


Building an Export Compliance Program - Part One: Risk Identification
A review of the basic elements of U.S. export controls and economic sanctions.

This program reviews steps that companies should take to mitigate risk under U.S. export controls and economic sanctions laws.

A review of ongoing export control issues and concerns organizations operating overseas should understand and factor into their risk planning. 

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - Part One - FCPA Basics
An overview of the FCPA covering its requirements and related compliance issues. 
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - Part Two - The FCPA and Third Parties
An exploration of potential risks and red flags companies may face when dealing with third parties such as brokers, agents and service providers. 

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - Part Three - FCPA Compliance - Gifts, Entertainment, Hosting and Other Recurring Operational Issues
A discussion on FCPA compliance issues and enforcement risks relating to entertainment, gists and common business activities.

A review of the issues surrounding an FCPA investigation

A discussion on the challenges of managing public corruption risks and FCPA matters in emerging markets.
Introduction To ITAR - Part One: Export Control Laws and the ITAR
An overview of export control law and ITAR fundamentals. 

Introduction to ITAR - Part Two: Technical Data and Defense Services Under the ITAR
A review of what qualifies as technical data and defense services and the obligations businesses must undertake as a result. 
Introduction to ITAR - Part Three: Licensing Under the ITAR
A review of the ITAR licensing process and pitfalls to avoid. 

Introduction to ITAR - Part Four: Compliance and Enforcement
A review of compliance and enforcement issues, exploring red flags and potential violations that parties in the defense trade should know.