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Beyond ASC 606 Compliance: Optimizing Revenue Recognition
ASC 606 is all about revenue recognition, a process which is historically inconsistent across companies and industries. The guidelines are about the results of your end-to-end processes starting with contracts, through pricing, quotes, orders, and ending with revenue recognition. The full name of the rule is ASC 606: Revenue from Contracts with Customers. While the effective dates for the new guidance were staggered and delayed, they are now upon us. Many public entities have already implemented ASC 606, and nonpublic entities are required to implement ASC 606 in their first annual reporting period beginning after December 15, 2018. Please join Carl Kumpf, NeoSystems Consultant, CPA, and Principal at Integral Financial Group for this 1-hour webinar designed to teach you how to optimize revenue recognition.
On-Demand Webinars
Taking The Mystery Out of Rights in Technical Data
Intellectual Property in Government Contracting
The "data rights" clauses in the FAR and DFARS are some of the longest and least understood contract provisions. But if one steps back from the length of the data rights clauses and instead views them with some very simple, common-sense concepts in mind, the clauses become surprisingly easy to understand and to apply. In this Webinar, W Jay DeVecchio of Morrison & Foerster LLP will explain the basic principles of rights in technical data and clarify the common misunderstandings about who owns the rights in the data, whether the data rights clauses require delivery, when development occurs, what is private expense, who gets rights in government-funded modifications, how to alert the government to your rights and to correctly mark your data, and how to keep your engineers from inadvertently giving up your data rights. IP Series Description- coming soon