Contract management is the process of managing contract creation, execution and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance at an organization, all while reducing financial risk. FPSOnline courses are designed to provide professionals who are newly assigned to government contracting a detailed overview of the entire federal procurement process, emphasizing the practical, the keys to success in today's contract world.
Webinar Series
2018 Procurement University Online
2018 Procurement University Online: A 9 Part Webinar Series focused on accounting, audits and compliance.
Webinar Series
Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
This multi-part webinar series focuses on the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), their applicability, and compliance requirements for U.S. Government contractors.
Webinar Series
Foundations of the FAR
The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) directly affects the purchase and sale of over $200 billion worth of supplies, services and construction each year by federal and state procurement offices. This critically important document is comprehensive, complex, and continually changing. All contract professionals involved in a FAR-based procurement must have a detailed working knowledge of the FAR to ensure that they are getting the best possible contract and that they are in full compliance with all applicable laws. Federal Publications Seminars announces a new webinar series, "Foundations of the FAR," designed to address these challenges in a highly practical and user-friendly way. It is comprised of twenty two 60- 90 minute sessions presented by FPS distinguished instructors. Upon completion of the series, you will have a solid understanding of the FAR and its impact on both government contractors and government procurement professionals.
Webinar Series
Fundamentals of Contract Administration
This four part program delivers a foundational grounding in government contract administration from `Authority' to `Contract Changes' to `Disputes' and `Litigation'. It is designed for all levels professionals from the newly appointed contract administrator to the more seasoned professional who needs a quick refresher on the responsibilities, regulations and options that both the government and the contractor must know. The sessions are all related, however, each session will also have unique coverage on compliance, program management and regulatory challenges faced by both the government and the contractor. After the four sessions, you will walk away with foundational knowledge of the contract administration process, as well as a solid understanding of the responsibilities of your organization and the government.
Webinar Series
Procurement University - 2017
This 12-part Webinar Series focuses on contract accounting, audits and compliance and is designed to enhance your knowledge over an 8 month span without being too overwhelming. Each session is 90 minutes long and taught by leading experts in the industry. You'll have the opportunity to participate through interaction with the instructors. This Webinar Series is perfect for professionals with all levels of experience. We'll start with foundational subject matter and end with risk mitigation and best practices. You will earn CPE credits if you attend the live sessions. $795 per person for the entire series. Sync your entire team with consistent training administered at the same time! Cost for this entire webinar series for groups is $2,995. Call 888.494.3696 for more information on group pricing.