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As a small business, once you have taken on the role of being a prime contractor, your firm is expected to comply with all applicable purchasing and subcontracting regulations. The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the laws, government policies, and regulations that apply to subcontracts and subcontract management. The course will begin with an overview of the CPSR process and it will address all of the recent changes that have occurred in procurement. 

Webinar topics will include: 
--  Primary Role of a Prime Contractor when Subcontracting 
--  Government Oversight of Subcontracting: 
--  CPSR Process 
--  Advanced Notification and Consent Requirements 
--  Statement of Work 
--  Source Justification 
--  Certifications and Representations 
--  Negotiating Terms and Conditions 
--  Price Analysis 
--  Cost and Pricing Requirements 
--  Current Topics in Subcontracting 

This program is not available for CLE, CPE, CLP or other credits as a live program.

This webinar is sponsored by J.A. White & Associates, Inc.

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