What impact has social media had on cyber politics and conversely, what impact has cyber politics had on social media? 

According to the Pew Research Center in an article entitled, “The Political Environment on Social Media,” October 25, 2016, more than one-third of social media users were worn out by the amount of political content they encountered on all social media sites. While roughly 37% were worn out, 20% liked seeing the posts, and 41% didn’t feel strongly about seeing or not seeing political content.  In addition, many users see social media as an especially negative venue for political discussions. While social media allows users to reach a wide audience with little effort, face to face communications reach a smaller, more intimate audience, add a personal touch lacking in online communication, and help set a foundation for trust in a working relationship. 

This webinar will explore the recent research surrounding social media vs face to face political communication.  As a leadership development topic, it will inform attendees about the value of social media and how some aspects of it can enhance (or damage) personal and professional relationships, even unintentionally. It will also help the attendee understand the importance of, and how to seek out, diverse viewpoints.  

This webinar is presented by FPS Education Partner, Norwich University.

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