Apr 29, 2019 12-1 PM EDT
One of the fundamental principles guiding the U.S. immigration system has been admitting foreign workers with skills that are valuable to the U.S. economy. Current U.S. immigration law provides several paths for foreign workers to enter the United States for employment purposes on a temporary or permanent basis. Immigration law issues have become an increasingly important to U.S. businesses: on the one hand, high percentages of the top graduates of U.S. universities, especially in STEM fields, are foreign nationals, and U.S. businesses are competing with foreign companies for these talents; on the other hand, the administration has increased scrutiny and enforcement in hiring foreign workers.

Human resources professionals and hiring managers are required to navigate the immigration law system to ensure compliance. There are also cultural aspects of the business immigration process. Foreign workers were born and raised in different cultural environments and they bring cultural diversity and their life experience to the workplace. However, misunderstanding frequently occurs in transcultural communications. Hiring and retaining qualified foreign workers are deceptively simple yet challenging tasks.

Finally, two competing and ever-emerging phenomena in our immigration law system: the rising and real threat of economic espionage, and the related rise of racial profiling of Asian workers resulting in dubious accusations. Some U.S. businesses are forced to decrease foreign worker hiring, which could lead to a disadvantage in global competitiveness.

This webinar program will provide:
  • An overview of the current state of the business immigration system in the US;
  • Detailed explanations of the obligations of the U.S. businesses hiring foreign workers; and
  • The practical matters involved in preparing and processing work-related documentation.
Potential cultural miscommunication and misunderstanding issues in working with foreign workers in the immigration law process will also be covered.
About Our Experts
  • Chang Wang
    Partner, Kingsfield Law Office
    Chang Wang is a partner at Kingsfield Law Office. He specializes in immigration law and due diligence research.

    Wang has been admitted to law practice in New York, the District of Columbia, Minnesota, and federal courts. Wang is the second Chinese ever elected to the prestigious American Law Institute (ALI). He serves on the American Bar Association (ABA) Steering Groups for Chinese Law, and Immigration and Naturalization Law. He is a member of the Civil Engagement Committee of Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton’s Diversity and Inclusion Council. In 2017, Governor Dayton appointed Wang as a trustee of the Minnesota Zoological Board. In 2018 Chief Justice Lorie Gildea of the Minnesota Supreme Court appointed Wang as a member of the Minnesota State Board of Continuing Legal Education. Wang has published six books and numerous essays and academic papers on comparative law and U.S.-China relations.