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Live Webinars
Apr 22, 2021
12:00-1:30 PM EDT
Exports of COTS Items to China, Russia, Venezuela, and Myanmar-Navigating the Expanded Military End Use/Military End User Rules
Course Description: Many contractors are now finding their sales of commercial off-the-shelf products to China, Russia, Venezuela, and most recently Burma to be subject to the expanded "Military End Use" and "Military End User" (MEUs) of the Export Administration Regulations' (EAR). The new rules particularly impact those in the aerospace, marine, telecommunications, electronics, and materials processing industries. Thus far, BIS has issued only limited guidance on how to comply with the new rules. On April 22, please join Barnes & Thornburg for a webinar detailing the MEU rules' key changes. Learning Objectives: This webinar will include a discussion of increased diligence obligations and common compliance pitfalls for exporters. Barnes & Thornburg faculty will also utilize practical exercises to engage the audience in a discussion of potential strategies for mitigating risks. This webinar is eligible for CLE/CPE credit.
Live Webinars
Apr 27, 2021
12-1 PM EDT
Government Property Reviews - Webinar 3 - DCMA Series 2021
DCMA Webinar Series - 2021
Contracting Officers within the DoD are required to determine the acceptability of a contractor's business system, including approving or disapprove the system. Notably, this includes evaluating Property Management systems. This session provides guidance on how to navigate a DCMA Government Property System Review. While not all DoD property system reviews are conducted by DCMA, this audit team conducts thousands of audits per year across the contracting community. This webinar takes a practical view of FAR and DFARS requirements and DCMA's expectations for an approved property system. Instructors will work through the government property lifecycle from acquisition through disposition, recommending tips and tricks along the way, while addressing challenges before, during and after the audit. Learning Objectives:  High level review of FAR and DFARS property requirements  Government property lifecycle focus areas for contractors and auditors  Getting to system approval: common policy & procedure documentation expectations  Common DCMA data requests to expect and the rationale behind them  Sensitive areas and common contractor pitfalls, including ways to get in front of potential findings and facilitate timely corrective action
Live Webinars
Apr 28, 2021
12-1 PM EDT
Strategic Pricing - Managing the Pricing Approach and Process - 2021 Series
The Strategic Pricing Series - 2021
This is the second webinar in our three-part webinar series titled "The Strategic Pricing Series." Companies who win more business have a repeatable pricing approach and processes. Best practices suited to your business are relatively easy to design and implement. Although it takes some discipline to use them each and every time, that is what successful companies do. Learning Objectives: 1. Learn how developing a pricing calendar and schedule will keep you focused on the right price 2. Appreciate how a compliance matrix and pricing outline ensure compliance 3. Discover how to manage subcontractor data calls 4. See how attending daily tag up calls is so important to synchronizing technical and price 5. Ensure you get the results you need by using color team reviews and when to use them 6. Learn about are the special needs and requirements of working with a large subcontractor NOTE: CPE/CLE credit for attendees is subject to participation and approval by the governing boards.
Live Webinars
Apr 28, 2021
1-2 PM EDT
CPSR - The Changing Landscape of Compliance
The purpose of this session is to facilitate a conversation regarding the most recent CPSR-related trends experienced to date in 2021. Our session will explore DCMA's changes regarding pre-CPSR questionnaires, virtual CPSR protocols, and post-CPSR corrective action responses.
Live Webinars
Apr 29, 2021
12-1 PM EDT
Understanding Service Contract Act (SCA) / Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) Health & Welfare Requirements
During this presentation, we will be covering what federal contractors should look out for when they have employees and contracts subject to Service Contract Act (SCA) or Davis-Bacon Act, and what their compliant options are. In addition, we will highlight the advantages Government Contractors receive when outsourcing the H&W Benefit administration to a third party administrator. Government Contractors are able to reduce their health costs and reduce their administrative burden of fringe compliance, ACA reporting, and hour tracking. About FCE Benefit Administrators: FCE Benefits is the leading provider of Health & Welfare benefit solutions to employers operating in the complex regulatory environment of government contracting. As a Third Party Administrator (TPA), we've built our business around the unique challenges of providing comprehensive benefit plans to hourly and contract employees. FCE administers cost effective fringe benefit plans and we specialize in designing, implementing and administering those plans.
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