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Virtual Live
Jun 2-3, 2021
HR for Government Contractors Virtual - June 2021
This special 2-day virtual course will outline the human resources requirements for government contractors, when they are applicable, and how to efficiently incorporate them into your daily contracting activities. The special course curriculum has been designed to offer maximum benefits to government contractors and human resources professionals who are responsible for HR compliance in government contracting.
Virtual Live
Aug 10-11, 2021
Contractors' Purchasing Systems Review Virtual - August 2021
What Prime Contractors and Subcontractors must know about compliant Contractor Purchasing Systems and Contractor Rights and Responsibilities.
Virtual Live
Aug 4-5, 2021
The Buy American and Domestic Preference Workshop Virtual - August 2021
During this new virtual course, we will explore the multiplicity of, and distinctions among, "Buy American" and "Buy America" statutes, regulations and policies, beginning with President Biden's recent Executive Order: Ensuring the Future is Made in All of America by All of America's Workers. The course is essential for any companies in the federal government supply chain whose products are manufactured or assembled abroad and/or whose products contain key components manufactured by or purchased from foreign affiliates, subcontractors and vendors.
Virtual Live
Jun 8, 2021
Avoiding Commercial Item Deficiencies Virtual - June 2021
Federal Publications Seminars' Avoiding Commercial Item Deficiencies virtual course will provide attendees with a detailed understanding of the CID process and our experts will help advise attendees on the most successful strategies, methodologies, and lessons learned to assist in bulletproofing your CIDs.
Virtual Live
May 20, 2021
Government Furnished Property Virtual - May 2021
This virtual course is designed to supply the information and skills needed by contractor and Government personnel to effectively manage and resolve GFP issues. Contracting Officers, program managers, and legal advisors will benefit from the analysis of Government responsibilities in furnishing GFP to contractors, training on liabilities for lost or damaged property, and the analysis of competitive advantage, risk of loss, and pricing GFP claims and adjustments.
Virtual Live
Jul 15, 2021
Government Contract Oversight - Audits, Reviews and Investigations Virtual - July 2021
This one-day fast-paced Virtual course provides new as well as existing government contractors with a fundamental understanding of contract oversight including audits and other reviews which test a contractor for compliance with solicitation clauses or contract clauses. This concentrated will link compliance with timing, pre-award versus post-award, as well connecting compliance with the various government agencies and in some cases private (non-government) firms with oversight/audit roles and responsibilities.
Virtual Live
Aug 5, 2021
Advanced ITAR Virtual - August 2021
A specially designed accelerated learning virtual course analyzing the principles and key advanced issues in arms exporting through the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
Virtual Live
Jun 14-15, 2021
Cost and Price Analysis in Government Contracts Virtual - June 2021
2-day, 4-session Virtual Course objective is to have participants obtain a working level understanding of what the dual techniques of Cost Analysis and Price Analysis are, when they are to be used, and how to accomplish them. This objective is achieved through a thorough review and analysis of the regulations and illustrated through a variety of real world examples, scenarios and case studies.
Virtual Live
Aug 18, 2021
DFARs Workshop Virtual - August 2021
This one-day concentrated virtual course on the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) will enable attendees to better understand the structure and content of the DFARS and how it relates to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).  The course is intended for personnel with some familiarity with the FAR who want to learn about the acquisition regulations and policies that are specifically applicable to Department of Defense acquisitions.
Virtual Live
Jul 13-14, 2021
Government Contract Compliance Virtual - July 2021
This virtual course provides an update to assist contractors in developing and managing effective compliance programs.