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On-Demand Webinars
Jan 18, 2017
Current Competitive Preference Priorities for the US Department of Education
January 18, 1-2:30 p.m. EST - TA Competitive Preference describes an area of particular interest for which an applicant can earn additional points in a grant competition, and represent a department wide strategy to leverage certain and specific initiatives across discretionary grant programs to support key objectives. This session provides an overview of the current competitive preference priorities for the US Department of Education and then using one example, describes how to craft a competitive response, with respect to the model This program is not available for CLE, CPE, CLP or other credits as a live program.
On-Demand Webinars
Apr 25, 2018
Life Sciences Industry Contracting and Grants: Processes and Controls
Life Sciences Industry Government Contracts and Grants
This webinar is the second in a three-part series that will focus on government contracting in the life sciences industry. The series will bridge the gap in the world of funding with grants - and contracts for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Presented by Bob Craig of Capital Edge Consulting and Michael McGinnis of Latham Biopharm Group. This webinar will prepare you with the with key highlights you must consider during the contract/grant negotiation process. We will also introduce key compliance areas such as key business systems, program management, internal controls requirements, contracts compliance considerations, risk management, agency communications, and an in-depth discussion on Indirect Rate Structures and allowable costs.
On-Demand Webinars
Nov 15, 2017
Recent Developments in Economic Sanctions: Russia, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba
From "decertifying" the Iran deal to disputes with "Rocket Man," the economic sanctions world has seen dizzying changes over the last several months. This webinar will explore the most recent developments under U.S. sanctions, and will touch upon the related EU sanctions context, with a focus on sanctions against Russia, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba Not Available for CPE or CLE credits. Limited to the first 500 registrants.
On-Demand Webinars
Jun 26, 2017
The Escobar Decision One Year Out - Evolving Impact on FCA
June 26, 1:00 p.m. EDT - As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Escobar, please join us for an engaging webinar that explores the legal landscape in the wake of this groundbreaking decision. We will discuss:  How lower courts are interpreting the materiality requirement for implied certification cases under the False Claims Act in the aftermath of Escobar  How lower courts are interpreting what qualifies as a misrepresentation for implied certification cases under the False Claims Act in the aftermath of Escobar  Upcoming cases of interest that may further shape the implied certification landscape in the aftermath of Escobar Not Available for CPE or CLE credits. Limited to the first 500 registrants.
On-Demand Webinars
Mar 2, 2016
The US Contractor's Guide to Doing Business in Australia
Wed, Mar 2, 2016 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST - Join Clayton Utz of Australia and Steptoe & Johnson LLP of Washington DC for a 90 minute webcast geared to US companies wishing to perform work in Australia or for the Australian government, particularly in the aerospace, defense, engineering and government services areas. The program will include: · A brief overview of Australian business culture and the government procurement market · Basics of Australian government procurement rules and regulations, with emphasis on aerospace, defense, and engineering/construction procurement · Any key requirements for US (and foreign) companies wishing to sell directly to the Australian government · A brief summary of import and taxation issues relevant to selling to the Australian government as a foreign company · A brief summary of Australian ethics and anti-corruption laws relevant to public sector sales, as well as a discussion of US legal considerations applicable to American companies working in or with Australia and US government procurement rules impacting government to government sales"
On-Demand Webinars
Jun 6, 2017
Contractor M&A - Assessing Transactions Involving Companies with Sensitive Customers
June 6, 1:00-2:00 p.m. EDT - Morrison & Foerster's Rick Vacura and Charles Capito will provide participants a synopsis of the issues arising in the context of mergers and acquisitions of government contractors with security clearances or with access to export controlled information. The presentation will cover briefly the basics of government contracts due diligence, including novation, small business issues, and compliance. Rick and Charles will focus, however, on the nuanced and potentially delicate questions arising when acquiring companies with sensitive government customers. These are especially important questions when the acquiring party is foreign or is under foreign ownership or control. Parties to such transactions will understand how these factors can affect the deal timetable, and the parties' expectations concerning the viability of the transaction and risks posed by the government's potential efforts to mitigate the acquirer's involvement in the U.S. business. The intended audience for this presentation includes inside counsel and executives of government contractors and subcontractors, and counsel or executives at strategic or financial investors. Limited to the first 500 registrants.
On-Demand Webinars
Sep 21, 2018
Cybersecurity and C-Suite Responsibility-Connecting the Server and Board Rooms to Mitigate Business Risk
September 21, 1pm- 2pm ET - Cybersecurity and C-Suite Responsibility-Connecting the Server and Board Rooms to Mitigate Business Risk Cybersecurity Starts at the Top. Long relegated to IT, cybersecurity has now emerged as a significant business challenge that demands attention from senior leadership. The complexity and importance of today's cyber security challenges require more from the C-Suite than just sponsorship and budget approval. This session focuses on the intersection of business and cybersecurity, elevating the security dialog above the technology arms race and toward informed strategic risk management. Topics include: strategies for effective governance, developing a cyber-aware organization, evaluating readiness, and crisis management.
On-Demand Webinars
May 19, 2014
Export Enforcement During ECR
This video provides basic teaching points about how to make, what content to include, and other important considerations in voluntary disclosures to the U.S. Government following the discovery of potential export control infractions.
On-Demand Webinars
Apr 23, 2015
False Claims Act: How To Get the Most Out of Your Standard Liability Policies
Presented by Norah D Molnar of the Law Firm Cohen Mohr, this webinar will explain how to get the most out of your company's standard liability insurance policies when it comes to legal fees and other liabilities resulting from False Claims Act allegations.
On-Demand Webinars
Dec 19, 2016
FAR Update (2016-2) - Major Changes Impacting the Industry
December 19, 12:00 p.m. EST - Join us for this 75-90 minute webinar led by Mr. Steven N. Tomanelli, the foremost instructor in the field. He is renowned for his ability to explain even the most complex topics in a way that is easy to understand. This webinar will focus on the significant FAR changes impacting small business contracting and subcontracting that went into effect on November 1, 2016. In addition, we will cover some of the more general FAR changes finalized in the last several months. CLE, CPE, CLP or other continuing education credits WILL be available for this program. Registration limited to the first 500 registrants.