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Live Webinars
Sep 28, 2021
12-1 PM EDT
CAS 420 - Session 12 - CAS Series 2021
Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) - 2021
This is session 12 of 12 in the FPS CAS series. This webinar will cover CAS 420 which includes the following subjects of: accounting for independent research and development costs and bid and proposal costs (420). This webinar also includes a recap of the series. (LEARNING OBJECTIVES) After completing this webinar, you will be able to:  Better understand the stated purposes and what those mean in layman's terms for CAS 420.  Better understand some nuances and potential violations through discussion and real examples that can exist with CAS 420.  Be able to identify the significant overlap between FAR and CAS for CAS 420. This webinar is eligible for CLE/CPE credit.
Live Webinars
Sep 30, 2021
12-1 PM EDT
Securing Critical Supply Chains: What the Future May Hold - Securing Critical Supply Chains from Cyber Threats Series
Securing Critical Supply Chains From Cyber Threats Webinar Series
This is session 3 of 3 in the FPS Securing Critical Supply Chains from Cyber Threats Series. In this session, we will discuss the current status of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) initiative and provide context for the likely evolution of requirements intended to defend critical supply chains from evolving threats. We will discuss the threats and practical considerations federal contractors and subcontractors face as they endeavor to meet the Government's evolving cybersecurity requirements. We will address the complicated task of meeting the current and future threats while enhancing, and not constricting access to critical supply chains. Learning Objectives: By the end of this session, students will be prepared for the future of cybersecurity requirements. They will have perspective on the competing considerations that make supply chain security among the most challenging threats facing U.S. national security. NOTE: CPE/CLE credit for attendees is subject to participation and approval by the governing boards.
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