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An essential course for manufacturers, exporters and their executives, and legal and financial advisors, featuring:

  • What the laws and regulations require for FMS sales and direct sales of military products
  • Foreign Military Financing
  • Practical instruction on export licensing of defense articles and services
  • Complying with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Agents’ fees and commissions
  • and much more

The international marketplace offers substantial opportunities for U.S. firms in the business of selling military products and services. These international contracting opportunities can take the form of Foreign Military Sales as well as direct sales of military products and services.

Each type of sale presents unique problems in marketing, contract negotiation, approval, and performance. Contractors who wish to engage in international contracting opportunities successfully and profitably must be able to anticipate and settle the problems that can arise. To do this means being able to navigate a complex web of statutes, regulations, and policies governing FMS, FMF, and U.S. export controls. This specially developed program is such an opportunity -- offering guidance on the rules and skills you need to be successful in this area.

Please note: check the agenda tab for course times. 

Learning Objectives

  • After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Recognize appropriations, legislation and regulations guiding FMS
  • Determine program eligibility for FMS both products and organizations
  • Develop sales strategies based on price and availability data
  • Creating and accepting Letter of Acceptance
  • Implement and execute FMS Case 
  • Determine cost, pricing and tax implications related to FMS
  • Determine financing and credits for FMS
  • Recognize ITAR and other regulations impacting FMS
September 15, 2021
The Flamingo Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
Travel Info
Standard: $1,000.00
Enhanced: $1,395.00
Day 1
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Las Vegas (1 Day Only)
Day 1
1.    Introduction to Security Assistance Legal & Policy Development 
2.    Statutory, Regulatory & Policy Framework 
        a.    Authorizing Legislation 
        b.    Appropriating Legislation 
        c.    Regulations 
              i.    Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) 
              ii.    International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITARS) 
              iii.    United States Munitions List (USML) 
              iv.    Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 
              v.    Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 
              vi.    Policy Constraints on FMS 
3.    Government Involvement 
       a.    Legislative Branch 
       b.    Judicial Branch 
       c.    Executive Branch 
              i.    President 
              ii.    Department of State
              iii.    Department of Defense
4.    Foreign Military Sales Program Eligibility, Transactions & Cases
       a.    Eligibility for FMS Program
               i.    Customers 
               ii.    Products and Services 
       b.    Select Policies 
       c.    Authorized Transactions 
              i.    Stock Sales 
              ii.    Procurement Sales
              iii.    Dependable Undertakings 
              iv.    Deferred Payment Sales 
              v.    Leases 
      d.    Types of Cases 
              i.    Defined Order Cases 
              ii.    Blanket Order Cases
              iii.    Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangements (CLSSA)
1.    Initiation of Foreign Military Sales Cases 
       a.    Letter of Request (LOR)
       b.    Review & Validation 
       c.    Possible  Responses
       d.    Preliminary (Price & Availability [P&A]) Data
              i.    Letter of Request (LOR) 
              ii.    Review, Validation & Responses 
              iii.    Preliminary (Price & Availability [P&A]) Data
      e.    Pricing FMS Cases 
             i.    Stock Sales 
             ii.    Procurement Sales
      f.    Surcharges and Other Add-Ons
            i.    Accessorial Charges
            ii.    Administrative Surcharge
            iii.    Non-Recurring Cost Recoupment
            iv.    Asset Use Charges
            v.    Contract Administration Costs Surcharge 
            vi.    Waivers and Reductions 
            vii.    Termination Liability Reserve 
            viii.    Direct Charges
     g.    Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA)
            i.    Terms and Conditions [including USG Obligations; Purchaser Agreements; Indemnification & Assumption of Risk; Financial Terms                    & Conditions (including Terms of Sale); Transportation & Discrepancies; Warranties; and Dispute  Resolution]
            ii.    Supplemental Information
            iii.    Initial or Start-Up LOA
            iv.    LOA Approval & Countersignature
            v.    Congressional Notification & Review
            vi.    Offer Expiration Date
            vii.    Acceptance
            viii.    Adjustments
            ix.    Payments & Collections
            x.    Obligation Authority

1.    Implementation / Execution of FMS Case  
       a.    Conduct of Acquisition in Support of FMS
              i.    Acquisition Policies / Procedures Specific to FMS
              ii.    General Pricing Rules for FMS Procurement Contracts
              iii.    Agents' Fees, Commissions & Political Contributions  
              iv.    IR&D / B&P Costs
              v.    Taxes
              vi.    FMS Customer Involvement
              vii.    Limitation of Liability
              viii.    Offset Arrangements 
              ix.    Contract Clauses
     b.    Contract Administration
     c.    Quality Assurance
     d.    Contract Audit
     e.    Diversion of Requirements
     f.    Delivery & Transportation
     g.    Title Transfer & Risk of Loss
     h.    Follow-on Supply Support
     i.    Return of Defense Articles
     j.    End-Use Monitoring
     k.    Case Closure

1.    Foreign Military Financing Overview
       a.    Background and Types
              i.    Direct Loans 
              ii.    Guaranteed Loans 
       b.    Annual Program
       c.    Eligibility 
              i.    General Standards 
              ii.    Credit Standards 
      d.    FMF Funding Process 
      e.    Issuance of Loans & Commitment of Funds and Interest 
2.    Foreign Military Financing of Foreign Military Sales 
       a.    Permissible Sources of Goods and Services 
       b.    Transportation Restrictions 
              i.    General Policies 
              ii.    Waivers 
       c.    Repayment of Repayable Credits
              i.    Due Dates, Interest & Payments
             ii.    Late Payments
             iii.    Default & Sanctions 
3.    Foreign Military Financing of Direct Commercial Sales 
       a.    Regulatory Coverage vs. Guidelines and Ground Rules
       b.    Eligible Countries
       c.    Eligible Contractors
       d.    Eligible Items
              i.    Place of Manufacture 
              ii.    Domestic Content Requirements & Exceptions
              iii.    Disclosure
       e.    Contracts
              i.    Financing Security
              ii.    Clauses, Disclosures , Certifications & Flow-down
       f.    Offsets
       g.    Commissions and Contingent Fees
       h.    Sources and Cost of Travel and Transportation
       i.    Letters of Credit and Guarantees
       j.    Oversight, Audit & Contract Administration
       k.    Excluded Parties
       l.    Disputes & Remedies

Day 2
1.    FMS ITAR and Export Control Related Matters  
       a.    Statutes and Regulations 
       b.    ITARS 
       c.    USML 
       d.    Categories of Controlled Exports
       e.    Definitions
              i.    Defense Articles 
              ii.    Defense Services 
              iii.    Technical Data
              iv.    Determining if Data is Controlled
              v.    Export 
              vi.    Foreign Person
      f.    Proscribed and Embargoed Destinations
      g.    Export Processes and Procedures 
             i.    Registration
             ii.    Commodity Jurisdiction Procedure 
             iii.    Advisory Opinions
             iv.    Licenses and Agreements 
     h.    License Types and Forms
     i.    Temporary Export License
           ii.    Temporary Import License
           iii.    Permanent Export License
           iv.    Classified Articles or Data 
            i.    Agreement Types 
            i.    Manufacturing License Agreement
            ii.    Technical Assistance Agreement  
     j.    Significant Military Equipment & Major Defense Equipment
     k.    Special Export Controls 
     i.    Non-Transfer and Use Certificates 
           ii.    Congressional Notification 
           iii.    Offshore Procurement 
     l.    Denial of a License
    m.    Exempt Exports 
             i.    U. S. Government End-Use Exemption
             ii.    FMS Exemptions
             iii.    Approved Agreements Exemption
             iv.    Defense Services Exemptions
             v.    Technical data Exemptions 
            vi.    Canadian Exemption 
            vii.    General Hardware Exemptions 
            viii.    Restrictions on Using Exemptions
5.    Political Contributions & Agents Fees & Commissions: ITAR Reporting Requirements 
       a.    Who Must Report 
       b.    Payments Subject to Reporting
       c.    Definitions 
       d.    Payments by Vendors & Suppliers 
       e.    Information Required to be Reported 
6.    Export Control Enforcement
       a.    Penalties for Violation
              i.    Criminal
              ii.    Civil
       b.    Enforcement Examples
7.    Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
       a.    Statutory Enactment
               i.    Anti-Bribery Provisions
               ii.    Record Keeping & Accounting Provisions
       b.    Amendments & OECD Conventions
       c.    Jurisdiction
       d.    Application 
       e.    Elements of an Anti-Bribery Offense 
        f.    Definitions 
       g.    Exceptions & Affirmative Defenses
       h.    Liability for Acts of Agents, Subsidiaries & Affiliates
       i.    Knowing Under the Act Defenses
       j.    Elements of a Books and Records Offense 
      k.    Criminal & Civil Penalties 
      l.    Potential Administrative Actions
     m.    Enforcement Agencies 
     n.    DoJ Business Review Procedure
See Individual Courses For Available Credits
Certificates of Completion are provided to all seminar participants who attend Federal Publications Seminars courses following the event, upon request.
CPE: Continuing Professional Education
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Delivery Method: Group-Live Classroom
Federal Publications Seminars is affiliated with West Professional Development and is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:
For more information regarding administrative policies such as refunds, cancellations and complaints, please contact Federal Publications Seminars at 888.494.3696.
CPE Hours
This program is eligible for: 9.5 (CPE) hours of credit
Program Level: Basic
Program Prerequisite: None
Advance Preparation: None
Method: Group-Live
CLP: Continuous Learning Points
Approved for CLP by Defense Acquisition University
Defense Acquisition Workforce members must acquire 80 Continuous Learning Points (CLP) every two years from the date of entry into the acquisition workforce for as long as the member remains in an acquisition position per DoD Instruction 5000.66. We will provide you with documentation of points awarded for completing the event.
CLP Hours
This program is eligible for: 8 (CLP) hours of credit
CLE: Continuing Legal Education
States have widely varying regulations regarding MCLE credit. LegalEdcenter is an approved provider in AL, AK, AR, CA, GA, IL, ME, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VI, VT, WA, WI, and WV. Credit may be applied for in other jurisdictions on request and in accordance with state MCLE rules.
Please note that because some states are changing their policy on CLE reporting, you will need to fill out the request for credit from Federal Publications Seminars within 10 business days, or we may not be able to issue credits for the program.
CLE Hours
This program is eligible for: 8.25 (60 minutes), (50 minutes)
The Flamingo Hotel
3555 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109
Hotel & Room Block Info

We have a room block secured at the Flamingo Hotel for Las Vegas Week.  Visit to reserve your room. Group rate is $94 + taxes + daily resort fee of $35/room/night. You must make your reservation by Friday, August 10, 2021. Rooms are subject to availability.

General Information

Food & Beverage
Continental breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee will be served.

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