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The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is continually being revised, sometimes so frequently that it is difficult to keep track of all of the changes. The webinars in this series enable you to catch up on the most important FAR changes issued over the preceding 24 months.

The speaker is Mr. Steven N. Tomanelli, the foremost subject matter expert on the FAR, who has taught the FAR Workshop and the Advanced FAR for Federal Publications for over 20 years and edits the FAR and the Annotated FAR for Thomson-Reuters Publishing.  

In this webinar, we will not only discuss the changes, but will also explain the reason for the changes and how they will affect federal procurements.

Topics covered in this edition include:

--  The "commercial item" exception to the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA)
--  The inflationary adjustments effective October 1, 2015
--  Uncompensated Overtime
--  Applicability of the Buy American Act to Commercial-off-the- Shelf Items 
--  Changes to equal opportunity rules
--  Restrictions applicable to "inverted corporations"
--  Restrictions on pass through contracts by prime contractors
--  Changes to small business rules
--  New service contracting reporting rules
--  New past performance reporting rules
--  Contractor minimum wage requirements

Who Will Benefit from The FAR Update Series
Anyone interested in knowing about the most recent FAR changes would benefit from this webinar, including contractors, subcontractors and federal acquisition personnel.  

Webinar Q&A 
The webinar sessions have been prerecorded and all participants will have three days after the webinar to submit questions to the instructor.  Responses will be shared with all participants.  
About Our Instructor

Mr. Steven N. Tomanelli is the owner of  Steven N. Tomanelli & Associates and is an attorney specializing in federal procurement law in the Washington DC area. Mr. Tomanelli provides legal services, training and consulting services in all aspects of federal procurement law and federal appropriations law, including:
- Intellectual Property
- Contract Compliance
- Subcontracting
- Teaming Agreements
- Bid Protests
- Performance-based Contracting
- Source Selection Support
- Commercial Item Contracting
- Terminations
- COR Training

Mr. Tomanelli is a retired Air Force Judge Advocate and has held numerous high-level procurement law positions, including Chief of Acquisition and Fiscal Law for the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command and Senior DoD Counsel for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).  He has provided consulting services and legal advice in support of highly classified major system acquisitions and has a current TS/SCI security clearance.  Mr. Tomanelli was a Professor of Contract and Fiscal Law at the Army Judge Advocate General's School in Charlottesville, Virginia, for three years where he provided instruction in a wide variety of procurement and fiscal law topics. In 2001, he was selected as “The Outstanding Career Judge Advocate of the Air Force.”  Mr. Tomanelli has authored the course manuals and teaches the FAR Workshop, the Advanced FAR Workshop, and the DFARS Workshop for Federal Publications Seminars and is also the Editor of the FAR, the DFARS and the two volume Annotated FAR, published by Thomson Reuters Publishing.
Mr. Tomanelli received his B.A. and J.D. at Hofstra University and his Master of Laws (LL.M) in Federal Procurement Law at George Washington University.  While earning his Master of Laws degree in Procurement, Mr. Tomanelli worked as an Intern at the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals.  
Courses Taught by Steven Tomanelli
WORKSHOPS (In the Classroom)

The FAR Workshop is a comprehensive overview of the FAR for new users. You will gain an understanding of the FAR and learn how to apply it in real world situations. The Advanced FAR Workshop is the next step, focuses on topics that generate the most issues, and supplements the analysis of the FAR. 

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Get an overview of key concepts and explanations of parts of the FAR, along with examples of how these concepts operate in practice, in the FAR Basics Video Webcast series. Learn when and where you want to and at your own pace.  $150 for one course; purchase an FPS Online Subscription for $595 for access to all sessions - and the entire library of 120+ online courses for a full year.

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