selling computers to the government: the new ofpp directive is a game changer

The Federal Chief Information Officer and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy issued a Memorandum October 16, 2015 titled, "Improving the Acquisition and Management of Common Technology: Laptops and Desktops."  This Memorandum requires that federal agencies use three contract vehicles for the purchase of office desktop and laptop computers.  

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of such contracts today and the government memo could seriously impact any company NOT on the "Magic 3" contracts.  During this webinar, presenter Larry Allen will discuss:

--  What makes the "Magic 3" - GSA's IT 70 Schedule, NASA SEWP, and NIH's CIO CS best in class?  
--  Can these contracts offer current technology at prices and service levels federal agencies require?
--  How will companies be affected by this move?  
--  For those that hold the Magic 3, will they be expected to lower their prices, increase or limit configuration options, cancel other contracts they hold for the same or similar items?  
--  How will companies that offer commercial computing equipment, but don't have these contracts be impacted?  
--  What does the Memorandum mean for small businesses?
--  Will federal agencies actually follow the Memorandum?  
--  How will OFPP drive compliance?  
--  Will this attempt at federal acquisition centralization succeed where others have failed?

This program is not available for CLE, CPE, CLP or other credits as a live program.