An Overview of the Effective Management Control System

This webinar will include an overview of the EVMS Business System Requirements contained in the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARs).  While many agencies have had their feet held to the fire about the need to utilize EVMS in more procurements, that suggestion is oftentimes only partially followed.  

EVMS has been around forever, but you would really only know that if your primary customer is the US Department of Defense and your programs have EVMS requirements.  Many civilian agencies have recently begun instituting EVMS requirements into their contracts and have initiated DFARs like rules themselves.  The implementation and oversight of these requirements, however, seems to be all across the board.  

In this session we will provide:
  • An overview of the rule itself,
  • An overview of the 32 ANSI/EIA requirements
  • Background on the different implementation requirements based on each specific agency and procurement size, and
  • Some perspectives on the challenges facing full EVMS adoption and oversight.