A new year brings new opportunities and new challenges. The coming year, 2017, is no different. In this webinar, an experienced government contracts attorney and government contracts consultant will cover the major compliance changes, contract improvements, and obstacles contractors for FY 2017, including major changes surrounding the new SBA Mentor Protégé Program, The Kingdomware Decision, GSA Schedule additions and major regulatory changes for the coming year. The presenters will then look ahead and give their opinions on what changes 2017 is likely to bring to in the way of compliance.

This webinar is also being broadcast live from the DC Small Business Event as well so it can be attended online and in person. Topics:
  • GSA IT Schedule Cyber HACs SINs
  • GSA IT Schedule Health Care Service and Product SINs
  • Transactional Data Reporting Pilot Update for GSA Schedules 
  • SBA Mentor Protégé Program Change 
  • Summary of major regulatory changes for the coming year