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About Our Webinars
At Federal Publications Seminars, we believe in the highest quality education, both online and in the classroom. Our webinars are created for individuals and organizations who seek to grow professionally and stay current and compliant in the world of government contracting, where the stakes are high. Through our leading instructors, we present the best of government contracts training, offering opportunity to anyone who wants to achieve and grow. Our webinars are generally one hour in length, covering topics in all areas of government contracting. We offer anywhere from five to ten new, live webinars per month. Some live webinars are complimentary and some have an enrollment fee.

On-Demand Webinars
Recently, The Professional Services Council (PSC) and Grant Thornton Public Sector released their 2016 Acquisition Policy Survey, "Aligning for Acquisition Success: Overcoming Obstacles to Results." The survey captures opinions and insights on the current state of the acquisition profession, noteworthy trends, and future challenges and opportunities. It covers six core areas impacting federal acquisition: workforce, budget, communication and collaboration, access to innovation, oversight and compliance, and facing the future. During this webinar, we'll discuss key findings in 6 core areas.
This program is an in-depth look at Accounting System Administration as outlined in DFARS 252.242-7006.
This program is Part 5 of a series on Business Systems. An effective MMAS is essential to your organization's ability to plan, control, and account for the acquisition, use, issuing, and disposition of materials. Join Industry experts Anthony Kim and Craig Stetson as they review key components to uncover details related to MMAS requirements.
Get an overview of the six business systems to help you navigate the complexities with coverage of the following topics: History of the business system rule; Applicability of the rule and potential withholds; Key elements of business systems; Who will conduct the reviews/audits; How do we prepare for upcoming reviews/audits; Process for deficiency resolution.
This webinar will address the following important aspects of Cost Estimating Systems and the keys to compliance success.
This webinar will include an overview of the EVMS Business System Requirements contained in the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARs).
This is second of a seven part series on Business Systems presented to you by Federal Publications Seminars. This program is an in-depth look at Contractor Purchasing System Administration as outlined in DFARS 252.244-7001. Our presenters are Suzanne Roske and Kristin Torcasi of PwC.
Join us as BDO experts Marc Johnson and Robert Craig discuss emerging trends in compliance, the National Defense Authorization Act and what new things we will see coming from the DCAA and DCMA and other agencies related to Compliance for the balance of the year.
Join us as BDO experts Derek Shaw and Robert Craig discuss the challenges and opportunities facing contractors in the current regulatory environment. Learn what industry leaders are anticipating and reactions to changes as well as hot items that are top of mind with industry leaders. This 30 minute complementary session is a `sneak peak' into BDO's April 28th live networking event to be held in Tysons Corner at the Ritz Carlton.
A new year brings new opportunities and new challenges. The coming year, 2016, is no different. In this webinar, an experienced government contracts attorney and government contracts consultant will cover the major compliance changes and obstacles contractors faced in 2015, including continued supply chain, counterfeit parts, and anti-human trafficking requirements.
This 1-hour webinar will discuss the claims submission and disputes resolution processes provided under the Contract Disputes Act (CDA), 41 U.S.C. sections 7101 - 7109.
This webcast explains the processes and principles that apply to the interpretation of federal government procurement contracts. These are matters that are not set out in any laws or regulations (including the FAR), but which are essential information for all personnel engaged in federal acquisition - not just lawyers.
Having trouble getting your public vouchers through the government "paying office obstacle course?" Has DCAA's invoice review process become your worst nightmare? Join us on August 5th to navigate these common billing errors, and how to avoid them.
98% of firms will not pass their initial CPSR which could result in losing the competitive marketing advantage and cash flow impact. This webinar will help you to stay current and compliant. Presented by J.A. White & Associates Inc.
98% of firms will not pass their initial CPSR which could result in losing the competitive marketing advantage and cash flow impact. This webinar provides a real time and comprehensive overview of key elements auditors look for in a CPSR. Join us for this webcast as Jeffery White of JA White and Associates discusses the latest and greatest issues related to Contractors Purchasing System Reviews.
The object of this session is to discuss immediate practical steps that your firm can take to improve your opportunity to obtain an approved purchasing system. Even though most firms will not pass their initial CPSR, proactive corrective actions taken prior to the review will reduce the amount of post-review activities. During this webinar, J.A. White & Associates Inc. provides practical steps that your firm can leverage today.
The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the top 10 CPSR related topics that are areas of focus during most CPSRs. During this webinar, J.A. White & Associates Inc. provides a real time and comprehensive overview of the key elements auditors look for in a CPSR. Topics will include:  Pre-CPSR Risk Assessments  Major Compliance Topics  Public Law Related Topics  Key CPSR Trends  Managing the CPSR  Documentation Trends  Developing Effective Corrective Action Plans  Post-CPSR Issues
Join Chase Kunk of Capital Edge Consulting as he provides some ground-truth insight with 12 Essentials to a Successful DCMA Contractor Purchasing System Review. His observations on CPSRs include compliant system processes and documentation techniques critical to effective system output and, in turn, successfully passing a purchasing system review.
Join us for this excellent opportunity to learn about the latest and best opportunities for acquiring federal contracts in Cyber related products and services plus the regulatory challenges faced by both contractors and the government.
In this webinar, we'll explore the statutes, regulations, state policies and management directives that inform cybersecurity compliance in California, with particular focus on state agencies and the entities that contract with them. We'll also discuss steps that small businesses can take to limit their exposure to cybersecurity threats, and the reporting requirements if such a breach occurs.
With attackers seeking to use their tools over and over, cybersecurity information sharing can help make the difference in whether they succeed when they come after you. Recognizing this, in December the President and Congress collaborated to enact the Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Act of 2015. This program illuminates the information sharing landscape, looks at lessons learned to date, some key questions and implementation issues companies exploring or engaged in sharing should consider, and explores the implications of various choices companies can make.
Cybersecurity management and breach avoidance are complex topics that require substantial organizational attention to be effective. This is not solely the responsibility of the IT department. By working collaboratively across an organization, it is possible to more effectively manage cybersecurity risks in order to reduce the likelihood of an exposure, limit the extent and impact of an exposure, and be prepared to recover from the damages of a breach. Tune into this powerful webinar for a discussion of the priority tools you'll need to become a breach avoidance ninja! Limited to the first 500 Registrants. This program is not available for CLE, CPE, CLP or other credits as a live program.
This webinar will address five specific factors that are critical to enhancing the probability of a successful audit outcome. These factors include activities important prior to the audit as well as during the audit. The webinar will focus on adequate knowledge of the DCAA objectives and procedures, effective communication procedures throughout the process, detailed and effective record retention practices and coordination of all relevant personnel in support of the audit.
This podcast is a follow up to questions asked by the audience during the June 1, 2016 webinar entitled, "Keys to Successfully Answering the DCAA Knock at the Door," sponsored by JAMIS and presented by Craig Stetson of Capital Edge Consulting.
This session provides an overview of the federal government contract debriefing process. Whether you're thinking about filing a bid protest, worried a protest may be filed against you or just want to learn what went wrong and how to do better next time, this session will answer all your questions. You'll learn valuable tips to help you prepare, do's and don'ts for interacting with the government and how to get the most out of your debriefing-all designed to help you transform the debriefing process into a key tool in your toolkit.
Join Israeli Law firm Shibolet & Co. and Steptoe & Johnson LLP of Washington DC for a webcast geared to US companies wishing to perform work in Israel and with the Israeli government, particularly in the aerospace, defense, engineering and government services areas.
Join Rajah & Tann of Singapore and Steptoe & Johnson LLP of Washington DC for a 90 minute webcast geared to US companies wishing to perform work in Singapore or for the Singapore government, particularly in the aerospace, defense, engineering and government services areas.
Join Afridi & Angell of the UAE and Steptoe & Johnson LLP of Washington DC for a 90 minute webcast geared to US companies wishing to perform work in the UAE or for the UAE government, particularly in the aerospace, defense, engineering and government services areas.
Join Clayton Utz of Australia and Steptoe & Johnson LLP of Washington DC for a 90 minute webcast geared to US companies wishing to perform work in Australia or for the Australian government, particularly in the aerospace, defense, engineering and government services areas.
Join Afridi & Angell of the UAE and Steptoe & Johnson LLP of Washington DC for a 90 minute webcast geared to US companies wishing to perform work in the UAE or for the UAE government, particularly in the aerospace, defense, engineering and government services areas.
This program will provide detailed guidance on the regulations and practical steps on how employers can respond to the changes to the regulations that govern the "White Collar" overtime exemptions.
This webinar will explore the structure of the Department of Labor (DOL), how it procures goods and services, and current opportunities. DOL is a complex organization and without understanding its structure, contractors may be left out in the cold.
This seminar will touch on many of the new labor requirements and other hot topics of general interest to government contractors including: -Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces regulations -New minimum wage for federal contractors -New small business requirements -Cybersecurity requirements -Nondisplacement of qualified workers -New sick leave requirements -Much more.
Government contracting is an alternate source of non-dilutive financing for organizations. This webinar will provide an understanding of government contracting to help Life Sciences companies determine if this is a feasible approach for advancing their emerging technologies or innovations.
So you won that Government contract from BARDA, now what? This webinar will provide an overview of the key regulatory challenges in government contract within the Life Sciences industry.
In 2014, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a decision holding that the Department of Housing and Urban Development could not avoid federal competition requirements by using cooperative agreements instead of procurement contracts for contract administration services. Accordingly, companies that have previously operated under cooperative agreements with HUD will now be faced with navigating procurement contracts. This webinar provides background on the decision and provides a path forward for companies that are unfamiliar with government procurement contracts.
In this program, you will learn about DOE's purchasing and contracting practices such as: DOE and DOE Contractor Structures Contracting Rules and Regulations DOE and Contractor Contracting Practices Contractor Inspection/Oversight Best Practices to Doing Business Hot Topics/Current Issues within DOE.
In this program, you will learn about how the DOE is organized, its budgets, contractors and best practices in doing business with this agency from an experienced practitioner. Covered in this program will be: DOE Organization and Functions, Locations and Budgets, Contracting Structure, Evolution of DOE's Contracting Practices, Major Facility Contractors, What to Expect.
U.S. embargo and sanctions policy dominated the headlines in 2015 and will continue to do so in 2016. In this webinar you'll learn about: Opportunities as well as the continued restrictions on dealing with embargoed countries; Controls on exports of items and technology subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR); Identifying and classifying dual-use hardware and technology controlled on the Commerce Control List (CCL); and much more.
The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is continually being revised, sometimes so frequently that it is difficult to keep track of all of the changes. The webinars in this series enable you to catch up on the most important FAR changes issued over the preceding 24 months. We will not only discuss the changes, but will also explain the reason for the changes and how they will affect federal procurements.
Join government contracts attorneys John Prairie and Tara Ward and industry expert Jeff Markey for a webinar on where to look for grant opportunities with the federal government and how to get them.
If your company contracts with the government and transacts business through the cloud, it must be well versed in the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program ("FedRAMP") and the Federal Information Security Management Act ("FISMA"). In this webinar, seasoned Government Contracts attorneys Alexander Major and Franklin Turner will explain how your company can become FedRAMP certified while also complying with FISMA's security requirements.
This briefing will cover the major impact this will have to current and future GSA Schedule holders to include reviewing the following areas of impact: · CSP Disclosures · Price Reduction Tracking · Horizontal Pricing Model Impact · New IFF Tracking and Reporting Methods · TDR system and overview · Mass Mod Guidance · TDR and Public Information
Get insightful tips to help navigate the complexities of indirect cost rates in government contracting. In government contracting, the total contract value consists of direct costs, indirect costs, and fees. In this webinar we will cover the importance of recognizing indirect cost rates and understanding how indirect cost rates are developed and interact across the contract life cycle.
This 60-minute program conducted by the law firm of Barnes & Thornburg LLP will give you a better understanding of the ITAR regulations, what is covered, and whether your goods or services might fall under ITAR regulations.
Labor and employment issues are inherent in any industry. Government contractors are no exception. The last few years have seen a number of laws, regulations, and Executive Orders pop-up and control what contractors can and can't do in areas ranging from confidentiality agreements to sick days. In this webinar, attorneys that handle these issues will cover these laws, regulations, and Executive Orders so that attendees will understand what the battlefield looks like and how to traverse it.
This webinar will provide a high level overview of intellectual property rights under U.S. Government contracts; describe what a buyer needs to look for when conducting intellectual property due diligence of a U.S. Government contractor; and provide strategies for companies to protect IP assets.
OFPP Memorandum
The Federal Chief Information Officer and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy issued a Memorandum October 16, 2015 titled, "Improving the Acquisition and Management of Common Technology: Laptops and Desktops." Learn how this impacts your company and what you should do next.
Join us for this 60-minute presentation that will identify key issues and strategies to consider when offering and selling commercial and open source software (OSS) in the federal space.
In this 90 minute special webinar, you will learn about, and have the opportunity to ask questions regarding Other Transaction Agreements (OTA) and CRADAs.
This summer the Supreme Court decided two government contracts cases. In this webinar, learn what these cases mean for contractors including: how VOSBs and SDVOSBs can benefit from Kingdomware and how all contractors should update their internal controls in the wake of Escobar.
This summer the Pentagon rolled out new source selection procedures in a detailed memorandum. These procedures include a number of changes as to how the Department of Defense approaches the acquisition process. This webinar will cover those changes including the value-adjusted total evaluated price or VATEP algorithm. Attendees will learn what VATEP is, when it applies, and how it will impact the selection process and bid protests. This webinar will also cover a new proposed rule regarding what contracting officers can consider in determining with a proposed price is reasonable when making contract awards.
ore and more small businesses find themselves in the role being a prime contractor. Although there are a few requirements that do not apply to small businesses, from an audit standpoint, small business prime contractors are subject to oversight in the same manner as large businesses. Is your firm's subcontracting function ready for a visit from the auditors? The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the laws, government policies, and regulations that apply to subcontract management.
The purpose of this webinar is to provide these functions with an overview of the laws, government policies, and regulations that apply to subcontracts. The course will begin with an overview of the oversight requirements contained within the CPSR process. Additionally, it will address how sourcing decisions made by non-procurement professionals can negatively impact the results of this review.
One of the biggest myths in the subcontract compliance world is that the Acquisition professionals control subcontract compliance. Reality is that many of the compliance-related decisions are made early in the process by non-procurement professionals such as Business Developers, Engineers, Senior Management, etc. The purpose of this webinar is to provide these functions with an overview of the laws, government policies, and regulations that apply to subcontracts.
As a small business, once you have taken on the role of being a prime contractor, your firm is expected to comply with all applicable purchasing and subcontracting regulations. The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the laws, government policies, and regulations that apply to subcontracts and subcontract management. The course will begin with an overview of the CPSR process and it will address all of the recent changes that have occurred in procurement.
Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Compliance for Federal Contractors - webinar. This webinar will provide an in-depth analysis of the key issues that contractors should know about the TAA, including:  The applicability of the TAA, including the interplay between the TAA and other restrictions on foreign purchases, including the Buy American Act (BAA).  The standards for determining country of origin under the TAA and BAA, including the differing country of origin standards applied to products and services.  Analysis of recent trends and notable Customs decisions regarding "substantial transformation" of different types of products, including software and other IT products. And much more.
The TransPacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement is the cornerstone of the Obama Administration's trade policy. The Agreement, if approved by Congress, will reshape the rules of trade for twelve countries that account for more than 40% of global GDP. Please join David Spooner, Co-Chair of Barnes and Thornburg's International Trade practice and a former chief U.S. trade negotiator, for an overview of the TPP's provisions and of the odds of congressional passage. This webinar will review the ways in which the TPP Agreement will impact companies that do business among the covered Pacific Rim nations.
Are you in compliance with the regulations and standards set by the agencies you do business for? Have you failed an audit because of poor internal controls or documentation? This course is designed to guide you into business process documentation and automation as a means to consistently provide audit support with faced with compliance auditor requests.
Upcoming Webinars
Truthful Cost or Pricing Data (formerly TINA)
Sept 30, 1:00 p.m. EDT - The Truthful Cost or Pricing Data requirement (formerly known as Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA)) is a uniquely Federal Government concept, which has no commercial counterpart. Commercial companies (buyers and sellers) in the normal course of doing business, would not expect the seller to: provide detailed cost breakdowns to the buyer, agree to an audited by the buyer, negotiate based on the buyer's audit findings, certify to the buyer that th...
October 3, 12:00 p.m. EDT - Is your business system architecture and technology drowning your management team? Does your accounting team struggle just to give your PMs basic performance feedback? In fact, is your system giving you information at all, or just mounds of data? Today's business systems are built on a foundation of policies, implemented by procedures, followed by consistent practice to move data in processes from source transaction to a client bill and a ma...
October 11, 1:00 p.m. EDT - Government Contractor Labor and Employment Developments: Key Executive Orders, Rules and Initiatives Federal government contractors are required to comply with a number of labor and employment laws, some of which have no counterpart in the commercial world. Through issuance of Executive Orders and implementing regulations as well as other initiatives that impact a contractor's HR organization, contractors have had to adjust and make chang...
October 13, 1:00 p.m. EDT - Protection of intellectual property is key to any company's ability to compete in the marketplace, and that axiom applies equally to defense contractors. Contract and procurement professionals in the defense industry are often in the frontlines, routinely facing challenges in managing and negotiating the government's rights to technical data and computer software developed by contractors. This hour-long webinar explains the various types o...
October 14, 1 PM One challenge many companies have when creating marketing materials is that they don't create messages and designs that connect with their government customer. It is common for marketers and executives who live and breathe their own products and services to share everything they know with a prospect in an effort to prove they are the best solution. But this approach often fails to make a connection with the target audience, and can push away people who a...
October 17, 1 PM The Small Business Administration's (SBA) Mentor-Protégé Program provides Section 8(a) small businesses a unique opportunity to compete for set-aside federal government contracts in partnership with large businesses. The statutes and rules governing participation in this program, from Mentor-Protégé eligibility to joint venture development to contract performance issues, are complex and not always considered a model of clarity. Moreover, recently pro...
October 18, 1:00 p.m. - After an award is lost there is little time to decide whether to file a bid protest. A disappointed bidder has the difficult task of quickly determining whether there is any chance of success in protesting the award and determining which forum is best. Bid protests can be filed either with a procuring agency, the U.S. Government Accountability Office ("GAO"), or with the U.S. Courtof Federal Claims ("COFC"). Each forum presents contractors with un...
October 20, 1:00 p.m. EDT - This Webinar will highlight changes in the counterfeit electronic parts regulatory framework since its introduction in 2014. In response to statutory requirements promulgated in NDAA FY's 2015 and 2016 further implementing Sec. 818 of NDAA 2012, DoD published final and proposed rules requiring Contractors and Subcontractors, large and small, to enhance internal policies, procedures and purchasing activities to further mitigate the risk of...
November 7, 1:00 p.m. EDT - This program will both examine the existing ethical requirements governing federal contractors and consider some of the efforts underway to impose additional restrictions on contractors and their employees. It will begin by giving an overview of the rise of government contracting in the last several decades and the increasingly critical role played by contractors. It will then draw a contrast between the extensive ethical rules governing feder...
November 9, 1:00 p.m. EDT -The Department of Homeland Security is a wide-ranging federal cabinet department with an annual budget of more than $40 billion, and with substantial procurement and grant-making functions. This webinar will: (1) provide an overview of DHS' organization, including its operating agencies such as TSA, CBP, FEMA, Coast Guard, and others; (2) discuss its procurement and grant-making challenges and strategies; and (3) explain unique aspects of DHS'...
Nov 16, 1:00 p.m. - EDT LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media networks available for government contractors. With over 400 million users, LinkedIn is used by government buyers and contract administrators, as well as buyers, program directors, and contract managers for prime contractors, strategic integrators and others in the GovCon space. There is a lot about LinkedIn that many professionals do not know. For example, did you know that over 75% of Linked...
Dec. 8, 1:00 p.m. - As a government contractor, you know that competition for every opportunity is intense. You need to make connections, build relationships, and often times, prove you are ready to unseat a company with a lot of past experience. During this Federal Publications Seminars Webinar, Michael Hackmer, Founder and Chief Digital Strategist of Social Web Tactics, will break down the 10 most effective GovCon marketing strategies for lead generation, and provi...
December 15 1PM In the waning days of the Obama administration, there has been an avalanche of new Federal Acquisition Regulations and related Department of Labor regulations prescribing new employment and labor related compliance requirements on companies doing business with the federal government. These include Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces, Paid Sick Leave, $10.15 minimum wages for federal contractors, gender identity and sexual orientation additions to OFCCP require...