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The government contracting industry releases dozens of stories every day on topics ranging from bid protests, contract awards, IG reports, DoJ criminal investigations and convictions, to letters from the OFPP, GSA, DoD, DCAA, and other agencies. There are constant proposed and new changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and CAS provisions. The flow of information is never-ending.  

To understand the flood of information, we heard our customers ask for in-depth treatment in topical areas. In an effort to provide you with solid, up-to-the-minute information on hot topics in the industry, Federal Publications Seminars has developed Webinar Series.

Each series consists of 60-90 minute live and on-demand programs, presented by the foremost experts in the field. We’ll continue to hear your requests as we develop future series – please feel free to contact us with suggestions or comments.

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On-Demand Webinar Series Library
You can purchase programs in a Webinar Series individually - or buy the entire series at a discounted price. See individual Webinar Series pages for details. Consider an FPSOnline subscription for only $595 per person per year. Only $295 with the purchase of a classroom course.
Webinar Series
2018 Procurement University Online: A 9 Part Webinar Series focused on accounting, audits and compliance. Join Federal Publications Seminars and Capital Edge Consulting for our second year of this webinar series designed to enhance your knowledge on compliance and accounting topics. Participate through interaction with instructors who are experts in their field- who will allow for Q & A in each session. Earn CPE or CLE credits if you participate in the `live' version of these programs. Purchase sessions individually for $149. Purchase the Series for $595.
The Department of Defense (DoD) issued a rule in 2012 that requires contractors to have up to 6 adequate business systems in order to comply with government contract reviews and audits. This webinar series provides an overview and an examination of the requirements for each business system.
This 14-part webinar series is a deep dive into construction contracts, claims and risk management as it presents and analyzes the risks that arise on construction projects, the contract clauses and drafting considerations in allocating those risks, and the claims and disputes methods and procedures used in documenting, presenting, mediating, arbitrating or litigating the claims when they arise. Along the way, the course presents and analyzes those topics from the perspective of the owner, general contractor and subcontractors operating on public or private construction projects. The topics are presented from both a legal and practical standpoint and the program discusses the substantive and administrative aspects of the key clauses, risks and claims prevalent on public and private construction projects.
The 2016 Congressional Budget Request for the DoE is $29.9 Billion, all of which is discretionary funding. Stated goals are to accelerate clean energy innovation and continue to fund research into all sources of energy as well as invest nearly $13 Billion into nuclear security. This series takes an in-depth look at the lucrative opportunities, the regulations and in general how the DoE organizes itself to acquire mass quantities of products and services annually.
The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is a very complex and large department. In FY2016 the HHS budget was at $1.1 Trillion. So far in FY16, the department has awarded over $405 Billion in funds in over 64,000 transactions. In this 3-part series, you will learn about challenges facing both current contract awardees as well as opportunities for to acquire new business through an HHS Contract.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will conduct a three- part webinar series that surrounds employment eligibility verification. Everything starts with the Form I-9, which will be the first session. E-Verify, the Form I-9's companion, will be the 2nd webinar which is a free web-based program that compares information from an employee's Form I-9 to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. The final session will dive deeper into E-Verify for those federal contractors that have been awarded a federal contract that contains the FAR E-Verify clause.
The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) directly affects the purchase and sale of over $200 billion worth of supplies, services and construction each year by federal and state procurement offices. This critically important document is comprehensive, complex, and continually changing. All contract professionals involved in a FAR-based procurement must have a detailed working knowledge of the FAR to ensure that they are getting the best possible contract and that they are in full compliance with all applicable laws. Federal Publications Seminars announces a new webinar series, "Foundations of the FAR," designed to address these challenges in a highly practical and user-friendly way. It is comprised of twenty two 60- 90 minute sessions presented by FPS distinguished instructors. Upon completion of the series, you will have a solid understanding of the FAR and its impact on both government contractors and government procurement professionals.
This 3-part Virtual Online program is intended to lay the essential groundwork for CPSR compliance in your organization. Whether you are the "greenest" subcontract administrator in your company or a seasoned procurement executive, and every level of procurement professional in between, you will realize the value you are seeking by exploring the CPSR foundational requirements with us. Note: Register early, as each part is limited to 50 participants.
This four part program delivers a foundational grounding in government contract administration from `Authority' to `Contract Changes' to `Disputes' and `Litigation'. It is designed for all levels professionals from the newly appointed contract administrator to the more seasoned professional who needs a quick refresher on the responsibilities, regulations and options that both the government and the contractor must know. The sessions are all related, however, each session will also have unique coverage on compliance, program management and regulatory challenges faced by both the government and the contractor. After the four sessions, you will walk away with foundational knowledge of the contract administration process, as well as a solid understanding of the responsibilities of your organization and the government.
This webinar series will make attendees aware of recent legislative, regulatory and DCAA audit guidance actions affecting government contract compliance and show them how to identify challenges for the future.
These sessions are three-hour long virtual instructor-led interactive programs that focus on GSA Schedules. Get the latest information from a leading MAS expert. Larry Allen has followed the MAS program for 27 years. He served as President of the Coalition for Government Procurement, was a member of the MAS Advisory Panel, and is a contributing author to the "GSA Schedule Handbook." Join Larry as he takes the class through all of the compliance and risk mitigation issues Schedule contractors need to know now.
This 3-part webinar series is designed to provide attendees insight into the world of government contracting within the life sciences industry, including pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Whether you're an employee of a pharma or biotech company with existing contracts and/or grants - or - one considering pursuing your first contract or grant, this series will provide you valuable insights into: (1) funding agencies and their mission; (2) opportunities that exist; (3) Processes and rules for obtaining funding; (4) regulations/expectations that come with funding.
This 12-part Webinar Series focuses on contract accounting, audits and compliance and is designed to enhance your knowledge over an 8 month span without being too overwhelming. Each session is 90 minutes long and taught by leading experts in the industry. You'll have the opportunity to participate through interaction with the instructors. This Webinar Series is perfect for professionals with all levels of experience. We'll start with foundational subject matter and end with risk mitigation and best practices. You will earn CPE credits if you attend the live sessions. $795 per person for the entire series. Sync your entire team with consistent training administered at the same time! Cost for this entire webinar series for groups is $2,995. Call 888.494.3696 for more information on group pricing.
A U.S. Contractor's Guide to Doing Business Globally webinar series offers 11 essential sessions for companies that do business outside the U.S. and companies that deal with U.S. laws and regulations related to global commerce. Presented by international law firm, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, widely recognized for advocacy in complex litigation and arbitration, representation of clients before governmental agencies, and advice in guiding business transactions - in conjunction with law firms located in 11 different countries.