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FPS Online programs give you on-demand access to substantive government contracting training. Our extensive library covers everything from foundational education to intensive training for the experienced contracting professional. These courses are presented by leading experts in the industry, so you get the same quality training you expect from classroom seminars. Learn about crucial issues on your own time, and stay up-to-date between classroom seminars. Online courses also help you and your organization save on travel costs and lost productivity.

On-Demand Webinar Library
We have over 100 webinars that are available, and are listed below by topic area. Each on-demand webinar can be purchased for $100.  Consider an FPSOnline subscription for only $595 per person per year. Only $295 with the purchase of a classroom course.

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Understanding the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Proposed Rule and Guidance
Regulations were released on May 28 to implement the president's Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order, and the DOL proposed guidance. Suzanne Decker and Eric Crusius from the law firm Miles & Stockbridge P.C., help sort out what this means for the contracting industry - both prime and sub-contractors.
Life Cycle of an Indirect Cost Rate Proposal
This webinar will trace and explain the process from contractor submission of the indirect cost rate proposal through the initial test of DCAA's adequacy checklist, the audit or non-audit (DCAA's low risk sampling plan), DCAA's new urgency in completing the audits, typical audit issues/issue resolution, and contractor actions after finally getting a rate agreement letter.
Tips for Drafting Enforceable Teaming Agreements
This webinar, provided by attorneys who have negotiated numerous teaming agreements, will provide practical advice on how to protect yourself as a prime contractor or subcontractor.
DCAA Audit Requests for Access to Records and Employees
Presented by Michael Steen of Redstone Consulting Group, this webinar will discuss the access to records (contractual) clause as well as the pre-contract government solicitations which open the door to government access to contractor books and records.
Afghan Taxes, Business Registration, and Cost Recovery - A Step-by-Step Guide
For years, contractors working in Afghanistan have been stuck between two irreconcilable positions: the Afghan government seeks to impose business registration and taxation requirements, while the U.S. government tells contractors not to comply with those requirements.
CPSR: What You Need to Have in Place to Pass a Purchasing System Review
Join industry expert Chase Kunk for an overview on Contractor Purchasing System Reviews, including system elements that must be in place to successfully pass a purchasing system review.
False Claims Act: How To Get the Most Out of Your Standard Liability Policies
Presented by Norah D Molnar of the Law Firm Cohen Mohr, this webinar will explain how to get the most out of your company's standard liability insurance policies when it comes to legal fees and other liabilities resulting from False Claims Act allegations.
Navigating the Government's Revolving Door - The Do's and Don'ts and Bid Protest Risks of Hiring Current and Former Federal Government Personnel
During this webcast, we will examine the practice of "revolving door" hiring with the goal of educating attendees on how to play by the rules, how to spot competitors who may not be, and the relevant bid protest risks and opportunities
Preparing for an Incurred Cost Submission
Presented by Chad Braley of Capital Edge Consulting, this webinar is a discussion on the Incurred Cost Submission including the format, requirements, schedules and the all-important ICS due date.
Strategies for Small Business Government Contracting - Teaming Agreements
James White of Marshall & White discusses strategies for small business contractors for teaming agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and GSA Contractor Teaming Arrangements.
Displaying 21 - 30 of 116
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