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All organizations strive to achieve a Culture of Cybersecurity – where all employees understand their significant roles and responsibilities in protecting and defending their organizations against the persistent and pervasive threats of Cyber malefactors – and where an impenetrable shield protects all organization-related information and data.

Through FPS Online Cyber courses, you will learn how to build a Culture of Cybersecurity through constant vigilance and awareness, proactive stewardship of information and data, and deterrence. Download a list of all 36 sessions here.
Cyber Online Courses
FTC (Federal Trade Commission), FCC (Federal Communications Commission), FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and DHS (the Department of Homeland Security) initiatives to protect information, data, and the privacy of consumers, business, and the government.
A review, analysis and update of the rules, regulations, policies, and practices from contract formation through contract administration. The compliance implications of cybersecurity requirements throughout the contracting cycle and new supply chain procedures. Agency-specific rules, FAR, DFARS requirements and progress toward harmonization of the rules
This program explores the cybersecurity and IT contracting regulations, trends and practical concerns for agencies and contractors.
The role of the acquisition professional as a critical partner in information security. Overview and update on FISMA (the Federal Information Security and Management Act). How requirements may affect contractors.
International Cybersecurity Initiatives: EU (European Union), Asia, the Middle East, and Supply Chain Exposure. The impact of cybersecurity legislation and regulations on global companies with local operations in host countries. How to include international developments in information security planning (ISPs).
A review and update of the statutory and regulatory framework of cybersecurity-related Government Contract Law including new and pending federal legislation, Executive Orders, case law developments and state-level data breach and cybersecurity laws
An update on the rules, regulations, policies, and practices in IT acquisition; Innovative initiatives and proposed changes under FITARA (the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act).
The DOD/GSA Final Report on Improving Cybersecurity and Resilience Through Acquisition. The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Framework and Implementation. An accelerated review of the baseline recommendations and implementation guidelines.
The Privacy Act and agency participation and enforcement. The increasing significance of privacy in a digital world.