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This course is designed for any contractor currently or expect to be subject to the Cost Accounting Standards Rules. The course is geared for both new or experienced professionals in the area of accounting, finance, compliance, program management and contract management.

What you will learn:

This program is a comprehensive course in contract requirements related to the CAS with key instruction by specialists in both accounting and law.

Coverage includes of developments and any prospective implications of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

They were born out of frustration - out of the Government's smoldering irritation in dealing with contractors' differing accounting practices and high-dollar claims for price increases. Yet, like them or not, they are here to stay. Indeed, they may aptly be compared to the so-called "truth in negotiation" requirements which (whatever may be their weaknesses) will probably always be part of the procurement picture.

It all began in 1970, with the passage by Congress of the statute which created the Cost Accounting Standards Board and charged that Board with the duty of prescribing Standards for realization of "uniformity" and "consistency" in contractors' cost accounting practices. The resulting Standards have, predictably, had a major impact on the procurement process - an impact whose shock waves are still being felt.

So we all must accommodate to Cost Accounting Standards - we all, in plain words, must learn to live with them. It is for that reason that this special program has been developed.

Scope & Technique
Because the Cost Accounting Standards are complex - often hard to read, let alone understand - careful attention has been paid to the substantive content and instructional technique of this course. It starts with a finely crafted exposition of the system as a whole; follows this with consideration of the methods by which the Standards are administered and enforced; turns to an analysis of disclosure statements and of the Standards' relationship to recognized cost accounting practices-and, finally, swings into detailed study of the critical substantive Standards.

To assure understanding, maximum provision has been made for questioning by the audience. Toward that end instructors will (a) deliver information-packed lectures and (b) answer your questions-concentrating on particular aspects of their subjects which are of interest to you. Our purpose: To make certain that you learn the Standards' requirements and know what must be done to comply with them.

Dates and Locations
April 25-27, 2017
NeoSystems Corp.
McLean, VA
May 10-12, 2017
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
San Diego, CA, California
August 21-23, 2017
Waterview Conference Center at CEB
Arlington, VA
September 18-20, 2017
Caesars Palace
Las Vegas, NV
November 13-15, 2017
The Westin O'Hare - Chicago
Chicago, IL
Day 1
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Day 2
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Day 3
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The Course Curriculum & Faculty

Day One

9:00 The CAS System: Administration and Enforcement

Gregory A. Smith | Smith Pachter McWhorter PLC

The CAS System: A concentrated explanatory briefing on the scope, scheme, operating mechanisms, and general impact of the Cost Accounting Standards system. Applicability of Cost Accounting Standards and Disclosure Statement requirements to: (a) defense prime contracts and subcontracts, (b) non-defense prime contracts and subcontracts, (c) corporate divisions, (d) corporate subsidiaries. Relationship of Cost Accounting Standards to the allowability of costs. The contract clauses that implement the Standards — an analysis of their provisions, functions, and application.

Administration & Enforcement: Duties and rights of Government contractors and their subcontractors. Responsibility of the procuring agencies for administration and enforcement of the Standards. The critical cost impact of changes (required by the Standards in cost accounting prices). Adjustments in contract prices — upward and downward — resulting from the Standards. Procedures for negotiating price adjustments including coordinated negotiation. Current CAS problem areas.

1:00 Disclosure Statements; Cost Accounting Practices

Chris Pockney

Disclosure Statements: Their purpose, content, submission, review — a study of what’s required and what’s not.

Cost Accounting Practices: A survey of acceptable accounting systems, reasonable cost accounting practices, and the Accounting Standards relating to these areas.

  • Standard 401 — Consistency in Estimating, Accumulating, and Reporting Costs
  • Standard 402 — Consistency in Allocating Costs Incurred for the Same Purpose
  • Standard 405 — Accounting for Unallowable Costs
  • Standard 406 — Cost Accounting Period

Day Two

9:00 Compensation of Personnel

Terry L. Albertson, Partner, Crowell & Moring, LLP

  • Standard 408 — Compensated Personal Absence
  • Standard 412 — Compensation and
  • Measurement of Pension Costs
  • Standard 413 — Adjustment and Allocation of
    Pension Costs
  • Standard 415 — Accounting for the Cost of
    Deferred Compensation

1:00 Tangible Assets and Capital

Louis I. Rosen, President of Potomac Partners R & M, LLC, Founder of Government Contract Services, Ernst & Young, LLP

  • Standard 404 — Capitalization of Tangible Assets
  • Standard 407 — Use of Standard Costs for Direct Material and Direct Labor
  • Standard 409 — Depreciation of Tangible Capital Assets
  • Standard 411 — Accounting for Acquisition Costs of Material
  • Standard 414 — Cost of Money as an Element of the Cost of Facilities Capital
  • Standard 416 — Accounting for Insurance Costs
  • Standard 417 — Cost of Money as an Element of Cost of Facilities Under Construction

Day Three

9:00 Home Office, G&A Expense, Overhead, and IR&D

Chad Braley, Capital Edge Consulting

  • Standard 403 — Allocation of Home Office Expense
    to Segments
  • Standard 410 — Allocation of G&A Expense
  • Standard 418 — Allocation of Direct and Indirect Costs
  • Standard 420 — Accounting for IR&D and B&P Costs

12:00 Noon Adjournment

Analyses of Specific Standards
The critical current Cost Accounting Standards have been grouped into four substance-related categories that will be covered in the following sessions. For each category, the assigned Faculty member will: (a) explain the requirements of the Standards; (b) analyze their features — the good, the bad, the unusual; (c) point out any gaps or loopholes in their coverage; (d) indicate any inconsistencies that exist between the Standards and (i) generally accepted accounting principles, (ii) the cost principles applicable to Government contracts, and (iii) accounting for tax purposes; and (e) cover the mechanics and problems of transition from previously acceptable procedures to the Standards.

Gregory A. Smith | Smith Pachter McWhorter PLC

Mr. Smith is a former Chair of the American Bar Association's Section of Public Contract Law and is the current Chair of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims Advisory Council. His practice focuses on federal procurement counseling, dispute resolution and litigation, claim analysis and preparation.

Mr. Smith has represented domestic and international clients in negotiations with government agencies, and he has counseled clients extensively on matters involving defective pricing, cost accounting and contract performance disputes - including terminations, audits and investigations. He has represented subcontractors and prime contractors in claims before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the U.S. district courts and courts of appeals, and he has tried complex cases before boards of contract appeals involving shipbuilding and other major claims. In addition, he has litigated contract award disputes before the Government Accountability Office and the federal courts. His practice also involves counseling and litigation involving security clearance issues.

The respected publication Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business cites Mr. Smith for his government contracts practice.

In 2009, Mr. Smith was named a "Top Washington Lawyer" by The Washingtonian magazine in government contracts law.

Chris Pockney
Formerly led the Washington office of Ernst & Young’s Government Contract Services group within the Advisory Services practice. He provides federal contract advisory services to a broad range of clients including defense contractors, commercial contractors, non-profits, educational institutions and regulated utilities.He has assisted clients in numerous manufacturing and service industries including aerospace, nuclear energy, electronics, software, healthcare, construction and insurance across the globe.
Before joining Ernst & Young, Chris held management positions in the aerospace and defense industry. He was involved in a variety of government contracting activities including the preparation and negotiation of indirect rate submissions for the purposes of forward pricing, contract billing, final indirect rate settlements and termination claims; maintenance and update of the Cost Accounting Standards Board Disclosure Statement; preparation and negotiation of advance agreementsfor specific items of cost; and preparation of contractor independent research and development (IR&D) proposals to the government’s tri-services negotiators.
Chris has a bachelor’s degree in law and economics from Cambridge University in England and a master’s degree from San Francisco University. He is an associate member of the American Bar Association, where he is an active member of the Public Contract Law Section’s Commercial Products and Cost and Pricing Committees. He speaks, teaches and writes frequently on government contract matters and has been admitted as an expert witness at the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, state courts and in various mediation and alternative dispute resolution settings.

Terry Albertson

Terry L. Albertson is a senior counsel in the Washington, D.C. office of Crowell & Moring. He focuses on government procurement law. He received a bachelor's degree from Georgetown University, magna cum laude, in 1968, a master's from Yale University in 1969, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School, cum laude, in 1974. He is a member of the bars of the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. He served in the United States Army from 1969 to 1971 and was awarded a Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam.

Mr. Albertson's practice focuses particularly on issues related to government contract cost, accounting, pricing, and termination issues. He represents contractors regularly at the various Boards of Contract Appeals and the Court of Federal Claims. He has tried a number of important cases concerning defective pricing, the Cost Accounting Standards, the allowability of costs, multiple award contracts, and terminations. He counsels contractors and participates in internal reviews and litigation about allegations of fraud, and has been involved in planning significant corporate mergers, divestitures, and reorganizations.

Louis I. Rosen

Louis I. Rosen is the President of Potomac Partners R & M, LLC and the founder and former National Director of Ernst & Young’s Government Contract Services.

He is a leading advisor to companies doing business with the Government.  His services include interpretation, evaluation, and application of Government regulations to specific contract situations; preparation and review of contract-related systems; assistance and support in contract negotiation; training; claims preparation; resolution of disputes; compliance reviews; and litigation support and expert witness services.

Prior to joining Ernst & Young, Dr. Rosen served as Associate Director of the Cost Accounting Standards Board.  In this role, he contributed significantly to Cost Accounting Standard 410, “Allocation of Business Unit General and Administrative Expenses to Final Cost Objectives,” Cost Accounting Standard 418, “Allocation of Direct and Indirect Costs”, and the definitions of “Cost Accounting Practice” and “Change to a Cost Accounting Practice.”

Dr. Rosen has worked closely with Government procurement and audit agencies, industry associations, the accounting profession, and legal counsel.  He has advised on cost accounting issues involving virtually all Government procurement and audit agencies.  He has worked with non-profits, companies selling commercial products to the Government, as well as businesses using Federal Supply Schedules.  He has frequently testified as an expert witness on accounting matters.

Dr. Rosen served as chairman of the Government Contractors Guide Special Committee formed to revise the AICPA’s industry audit and accounting guide, “Audits of Federal Government Contractors,” and served as an advisor to the AICPA Defense Contractors Committee.  He has served as a member of the Association of Government Accountants’ National Research Board and Financial Management Standards Board and the Board of Advisors for the National Contract Management Association.  Dr. Rosen has served as a member of Department of Defense, General Accounting Office, and Office of Technology, U.S. Congress panels.

A frequent speaker on Government contract issues in forums across the country, Dr. Rosen is co-author of a widely used handbook, Government Contract Accounting.

Dr. Rosen is a member of the faculty of the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.


He received a JD from that University’s School of Law. A CPA in the State of Maryland, he is also a member of the Bar of the State of Maryland.  Other professional memberships include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants, National Contract Management Association, Association of Government Accountants, and American Bar Association

Chad Braley

Mr. Braley is the CEO and Managing Director of Capital Edge Consulting, Inc., resident in the firm’s Reston, VA office. Mr. Braley’s areas of expertise include the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), agency supplement regulations, Truth in Negotiations Act, government accounting requirements, Earned Value Management (EVM), Material Management & Accounting Systems (MMAS), DCAA audit and regulatory non-compliance support, business systems, ICAPs, ERP systems, and risk mitigation.

Mr. Braley has extensive experience in the Cost Accounting Standards and has successfully supported companies in developing their CAS Disclosure Statements, changing cost accounting practices, developing cost impact statements, and defending allegations of noncompliance. Mr. Braley also supports his clients in implementing and reviewing both new and existing business systems related to accounting, estimating, purchasing, billing, labor charging, material management, and earned value.

Certificates of Completion are provided to all seminar participants who attend Federal Publications Seminars courses following the event, upon request.
All Federal Publications Seminars courses meet the course requirements of the National Contract Management Association’s certification programs. We are a proud Education Partner of the NCMA.
Federal Publications Seminars is part of West Professional Development, which is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have the final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:
This Program is eligible for: 16.5 (CPE) hours of credit
Program Level: Basic
Program Prerequisite: None
Advance Preparation: None
Method: Group-Live
Defense Acquisition Workforce members must acquire 80 Continuous Learning Points (CLP) every two years from the date of entry into the acquisition workforce for as long as the member remains in an acquisition position per DoD Instruction 5000.66. We will provide you with documentation of points awarded for completing the event.
This Program is eligible for: 14.0 (CLP) hours of credit
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** Please note that because some states are changing their policy on CLE reporting, you will need to fill out the request for credit from Federal Publications Seminars within 10 business days, or we may not be able to issue credits for the program.
This Program is eligible for: 13.75 (60 minutes), 16.5 (50 minutes)
Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
The group rate is $169 per night, $32+tax per night. Guests may call Caesars reservations line at 1-866-227-5944. Please keep in mind there is a $15+tax processing fee. There is no fee with the weblink. . Rooms are subject to availability.
The group rate is $169 per night, $32+tax per night. Guests may call Caesars reservations line at 1-866-227-5944. Please keep in mind there is a $15+tax processing fee. There is no fee with the weblink. . Rooms are subject to availability.
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
3777 La Jolla Village Dr.
San Diego, CA, California 92122

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For guest room reservations, call the hotel at 888-421-1442 and ask for the Federal Publications room block.

$199 Group Rate Deadline: April 7th
$219 Extended Group Rate Offer After Deadline:  April 18th (Rooms are subject to availability.)

Early Departure Fee
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts have an early departure fee of one night’s room and tax. Departure dates are reconfirmed at check- in and are subject to a fee if changed after the check-in process is completed.

NeoSystems Corp.
1861 International Drive
Suite 200
McLean, VA 22102

Courtyard Tysons Corner Fairfax
1960 Chain Bridge Road
McLean, VA 22102

Hilton Garden Inn Tysons Corner
8301 Boone Blvd
Vienna, VA 22182

Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Center
7901 Tysons One Pl
Tysons, VA 22102

Tysons Corner Marriott
8028 Leesburg Pike
Tysons, VA 22182

The Westin O'Hare - Chicago
6100 N River Road
Chicago, IL 60018

Coffee, tea and water will be served throughout the day with an afternoon cookie break.  Breakfast and lunch are on your own.

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Get a 15% discount off the best available rate at the time of booking for this location. Click here.

Coffee, tea and water will be served throughout the day with an afternoon cookie break.  Breakfast and lunch are on your own.

Room Block Information

Get a 15% discount off the best available rate at the time of booking for this location. Click here.
Waterview Conference Center at CEB
1919 North Lynn Street
24th Floor
Arlington, VA 22209

Coffee, tea and water will be served throughout the day with an afternoon cookie break.  Breakfast and lunch are on your own. 


Yellow & Silver Line – METRO Stop – Rossyln
From the METRO - 1 Block East and 2 Blocks North on Lynn Street (Deloitte & CEB Offices)

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Marriott Key Bridge (0.2 mi NW)
1401 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA

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May 10-12, 2017 San Diego, CA, California
August 21-23, 2017 Arlington, VA
September 18-20, 2017 Las Vegas, NV
November 13-15, 2017 Chicago, IL
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