Aug 14, 2018 12-1 PM EDT
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CPE, CLE Accredited

Presented from the subcontractor's perspective and recognizing its interests, this course provides an in-depth analysis of pass-through aspects of construction contracts and the methods of recognizing and accounting for the risks arising from the construction project, including the claims and notice requirements associated with changes, differing site conditions, delays, disputes, and payment terms. The course addresses methods of perfecting and presenting subcontractor claims and disputes whether they arise from general contractor conduct, other subcontractor's conduct, or from the owner's conduct. The discussion focuses on the contract terms to assist the subcontractor in recognizing the risks and properly account for them in negotiating the subcontract and administering it during performance.

Construction Contracts and Risk Management - Series Description
This 14-part webinar series is a deep dive into construction contracts, claims and risk management as it presents and analyzes the risks that arise on construction projects, the contract clauses and drafting considerations in allocating those risks, and the claims and disputes methods and procedures used in documenting, presenting, mediating, arbitrating or litigating the claims when they arise. 

Along the way, the course presents and analyzes those topics from the perspective of the owner, general contractor and subcontractors operating on public or private construction projects. The topics are presented from both a legal and practical standpoint and the program discusses the substantive and administrative aspects of the key clauses, risks and claims prevalent on public and private construction projects.

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