Contractors Purchasing Systems Review (CPSR) is an important review process. Understand the importance and reasons for it with this very timely informative program.  

Jeffrey White of JA White and Associates will spend an hour discussing CPSR:
1.      Selection of Contractors for Review and Scheduling
2.      Pre-CPSR Data Requests, Collection, and Analyses
3.      Contractor Pre-CPSR Self Assessments and Corrective               Action Initiatives
4.      Hosting the Review/CPSR Entrance Conference
5.      File Selections and Reviews Conducted by CPSR Team
6.      CPSR  Related Questions and Answers Resulting from Files Reviewed
7.      Management Inquiries by CPSR Team
8.      Interviews of Contractor Personnel
9.      CPSR Post-Review Exit Conference
10.    General CPSR Trends