Live Webinars
Sep 26, 2018
11 AM-12 PM EDT
Iran Sanctions: High Noon Approaches
September 26, 11 am -noon ET Iran Sanctions: High Noon Approaches This webinar will focus on the re-imposition of the core U.S. nuclear-related sanctions against Iran following the expiration of the "wind-down" period on November 4. Such sanctions will include a broad range of restrictions directed at non-U.S. companies doing business with Iran, including restrictions targeted at the energy, shipping, shipbuilding, and financial sectors, as well as a nearly comprehensive prohibition of trade with Iran by non-U.S. subsidiaries of U.S. companies. This will be in addition to sanctions the United States re-imposed in August, which also will be discussed. Looming over these issues for EU companies will be the EU Blocking Statute, which prohibits compliance with the re-imposed sanctions, putting companies in quite a bind. What are the sanctions that will again be in effect? How can companies navigate their withdrawal from Iran? What activity will still be permissible? How do EU companies cope with the Blocking Statute? Tune in to find out.
Live Webinars
Oct 12, 2018
1-2 PM EDT
Patents, Invention Reporting, and IP Considerations for Grants and Other Types of Agreements
Intellectual Property in Government Contracting
October 12, 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET - Patents, Invention Reporting, and IP Considerations for Grants and Other Types of Agreements - This is session 3 of 3 in the FPS Intellectual Property Series. This webinar, led by Tina Reynolds and Locke Bell of Morrison & Foerster LLP, will explore the consequences of developing inventions using federal government funding, answering the questions who owns the IP and what rights does the government obtain? We will discuss the process for reporting inventions to the government and patenting those inventions, and the consequences of not following the rules for doing so. In addition, we will discuss unique IP considerations related to special types of government agreements - grants, cooperative agreements, and agreements using other transactions authority.
Live Webinars
Nov 13, 2018
1-2 PM EST
Solutions for Fraud, Waste and Abuse on Infrastructure Projects
November 13, 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET -Solutions for Fraud, Waste and Abuse on Infrastructure Projects We continue to see headlines exposing cases of fraud, waste and abuse on large public and private construction projects. In this seminar, we will discuss the role for Independent Compliance Monitors. Specifically, we will discuss the role that a monitor can serve, how they have been used effectively, and where we see them bringing the most significant value. Additionally, we will provide some history, best practices, and real life examples of where Monitors have and can bring transparency and accountability in government funded projects, private commercial endeavors as well as natural disasters. Learn from our team of experts who will share their real world experiences. This webinar is eligible for both CLE and CPE credit when you attend this live webinar. NOTE REGARDING CPE/CLE credit.... About the presenters...
Live Webinars
Nov 15, 2018
12-1 PM EST
Changes in the Work- Key Aspects of the Public and Private Contract Changes Clauses
Construction Contracts and Risk Management
November 15, Noon -1pm EDT - This is Session 14 of a 14- part series on Construction The final installment in the construction contract webinar series, this program provides a thorough analysis of changes in the scope of the work. Coverage includes both the substantive aspects such as entitlement to a claim for additional cost or time of performance, and administrative aspects such as notice, documentation, pass-through and payment bond issues. The focus of the webinar is recognition of change events and how to mitigate the risk of delays and payment claims from the sometimes disparate perspective of the owner, general contractor and subcontractor. Presented by James Newland. The Advanced Webinar Series on Construction Contracts and Risk Management. This fourteen-part webinar series is a deep dive into construction contracts, claims and risk management as it presents and analyzes the risks that arise on construction projects, the contract clauses and drafting considerations in allocating those risks, and the claims and disputes methods and procedures used in documenting, presenting, mediating, arbitrating or litigating the claims when they arise. Along the way, the course presents and analyzes those topics from the perspective of the owner, general contractor and subcontractors operating on public or private construction projects. The topics are presented from both a legal and practical standpoint and the program discusses the substantive and administrative aspects of the key clauses, risks and claims prevalent on public and private construction projects.